November 01, 2001 |

A new spin on things

The Revolution massaging showerhead, available in two finishes and four accent colors, spins and twists water in a figure eight. Force, frequency and coverage can be set by the user. The water pattern delivers full-body coverage and produces larger water droplets that contain more heat, making showers warmer.

Moen Inc.

Reader Service No. 250

Museum quality

The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago features Express as its washroom lavatory system. The system requires one-third as many connections as a conventional lavatory and offers easy maintenance.

Bradley Corp.

Reader Service No. 270

Queen Victoria

Available in wall or tub mount, the white porcelain handles and handheld shower spray of the Victorian tub and shower set fit clawfoot tubs as well as new designs.

Harrington Brass Works Ltd.

Reader Service No. 265

Off the rim

A reinforced, solid-surface undermount vanity bowl, the Swanstone Contour is suitable for high-traffic restrooms because its bowl has no rim to trap water. Offered in 30 colors, the 19-by-13-in. bowl resists stains.

The Swan Corp.

Reader Service No. 255


The interchangeable curved Amarilis Ceratop faucet is available as a single-handle lavatory faucet, a spread lavatory faucet, a bath filler, a bidet faucet and bath/shower trim. All faucets feature ceramic disc valve technology for drip-free performance.

American Standard.

Reader Service No. 262

Spa time

A collection of thermostatic valves, diverters, bodysprays, showerbars, handsprays, tub fillers and showerheads, the Cisal line provides a spa experience. The shower valve features high-flow 1/2-in. inlets and volume control.


Reader Service No. 257

Nix the tank

An electronic tankless water heater can supply unlimited hot water even when multiple faucets are turned on. The ESI 2000 electronic tankless water heater may save up to 60 percent in water heating energy costs over conventional storage tank water heaters. The heater uses microprocessor technology and flow sensing to make hot water instantly available. Stainless-steel elements last 50 percent longer than copper elements used in most other tankless heaters.

Envirotech Systems Worldwide.

Reader Service No. 256

The stuff of myths

Mythical Beasts, one of four new surface decorated lavatories, features abstract panthers, stags and sphinx circling the rim of a white camber lavatory. The textured rim design is available in gold or platinum finish. Other models are Soliloquy, Koi Dance and Flight of Fancy.


Reader Service No. 266

Plugging the leaks

A commercial riser manifold, the EasyPac combines flow switch, drain valve, sight glass and pressure gauge into a lightweight, compact unit. Field assembly and leak path potential are eliminated and installation costs are reduced.

Viking SupplyNet.

Reader Service No. 267

Off the scale

ScaleBlaster eliminates formation of limescale deposits in water pipes, faucets, sprinkler systems and irrigation systems without water-softening equipment, salts, chemicals or maintenance. The integrated circuitry system produces a modulating frequency waveform that hits the resonant frequency of the calcium carbonate molecules, causing them to lose their adhesive properties.

ClearWater Enviro Technologies Inc.

Reader Service No. 268

Sensing technology

A new profile and easier installation are improvements from prior models in the Ultra-Sense S-6080 sensor faucets. Faucets can be installed with no electrical hookups as hot and cold supply with temperature adjustment, hot and cold supply with field-adjusted preset tempered water or single supply for field-adjusted cold or premixed tempered water.

Symmons Industries Inc.

Reader Service No. 251

Controlling the flow

The four-model FreeHand faucet series is ADA-compliant and designed for high-volume demands. Equipped with two automatic, adjustable shutoff sensors, faucets control water flow for maximum water and energy savings.

Moen Inc.

Reader Service No. 275

No big buildup

Vaporproofing and waterproofing membranes are protected from hydrostatic buildup with the Sealtight Mel-Drain DB Rolled Matrix Drainage System. The dimple-raised, molded polystyrene sheet bonded to high-strength polypropylene fabric allows the passage of the moisture through the fabric while preventing soil from entering the drainage channel.

W.R. Meadows Inc.

Reader Service No. 252

Patriotic colors

Red and blue Raupex UV Shield polyethylene pipe simplifies identification for installation or repair. The red pipe can be installed to signify hot and the blue pipe to signify cold.

Rehau Inc.

Reader Service No. 254

Resisting the freeze

The 7120FR two-station Marblyte drinking fountain resists freezing, making it suitable for schools, recreational facilities, parks and other high-traffic areas. Both stations are ADA-compliant, with front push buttons. Vandal-resistant bubblers face each other to accommodate two people at once.

Halsey Taylor.

Reader Service No. 264

Hand in hand

The Chronomite Instant Temp Tankless Water Heater is designed to be used with the Meridian hand washing system. It can be concealed under or behind the trap cover of the Meridian units.

Acorn Engineering Co.

Reader Service No. 273

Electric drinking fountains

Two models of electric drinking fountains, H1119.8 and H1119.8R, are "hi-lo" barrier-free coolers. Both are constructed of 18-gauge, satin-finish stainless steel with chrome-plated forged brass, anti-squirt and vandal-resistant bubbler heads. The units have push-button valves with fully adjustable flow that requires less than five pounds of force.

Haws Corp.

Reader Service No. 272

Flushed with success

The battery-operated Optima Plus flushometers incorporate ADA compliance with infrared-sensor operation for both retrofits and new installations. The dual-filtered bypass handles harsh chemicals and debris found in water supplies. Available for both urinals and water closets, the flushometer includes self-diagnostic circuitry.

Sloan Valve Co.

Reader Service No. 261

System is nonelectric

An automatic, high-efficiency, non-electric commercial water treatment system, the Quad removes hardness and filters water to eliminate chlorine, taste and odors. The countercurrent regeneration improves water quality and cleans the system effectively and efficiently by reversing the water flow through the system during cleaning.


Reader Service No. 271

Sensor perception

Designed for ease of handling and installation, institutional and scullery sinks for hospitals, schools, public buildings and industry are packaged together with sensor faucets. Each sensor-operated faucet emits a continuous, invisible beam that is broken when hands are placed beneath the spout.


Reader Service No. 258

Efficiency experts

Two-stage and full-modulation firing nodes have been added to a line of high-efficiency water boilers and water heaters, models EVH-750 (750,000 btu) through EVH-2000 (2 million btu). Both systems use linkageless controls and variable-frequency drive motors.

Thermal Solutions.

Reader Service No. 263

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