Plastic makes saving lives possible

March 02, 2007 |

Every day, people trust the Bullet Guard Company with their lives. As one of the nation's leaders in bullet-resistant armoring for government, military, banking, healthcare, retail, fast food, police departments, and post offices, Bullet Guard can't afford to offer anything but the best in bullet-resistant security enclosures, windows, doors, desks, and pass-through areas.

Bullet Guard put its trust in the Makrolon Hygard Laminated Polycarbonate Sheet from Sheffield Plastics. “We like Makrolon because it is lightweight and easy to fabricate for both remodel and new applications,” said Karlin Lynch, president of Bullet Guard. “Sheffield's high production standards and newer extruders eliminate ripples and defects, making their sheet goods more acceptable to open designs than competitive products.”

Offering resistance to abrasion, UV degradation, delamination, and discoloration, Makrolon is available in six levels of protection, including UL Level 3 bullet-resistant material, which is capable of withstanding multiple rounds from high-powered handguns. Laminate is 88% clear, permitting plenty of daylight to flood interior spaces.

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