January 01, 2005 |

Quick Concrete Repair

Concrete crack injection system features a hand-held mixing nozzle that accommodates two 22-ounce cartridges, eliminating the need for bulky injection equipment. The ETI injection epoxy, available in low and gel viscosities, can be used to repair cracks from 1/64 to ¼ inch wide. Chemically bonds with cracked walls, resulting in a waterproof repair that stops leaks.

Simpson Strong-Tie. Reader Service No. 203

Braving the Weather

Rapid-hardening structural repair mortar designed for horizontal concrete applications is composed of selected cements, graded sands, and chemical additives that repair mortar in hot or cold weather conditions, without the aid of chloride or gypsum-based accelerators. Futura-15 is recommended for industrial floors, parking decks, and sidewalks.

W.R. Meadows Inc. Reader Service No. 201

Urban Rural Revival

Located several blocks from Coors Field in Denver's historic Curtis Park/Five Points neighborhood, the new, 241-unit Jefferson@CityGate apartment building is part of a public-private initiative to revitalize the city's residential neighborhoods. Memphis, Tenn.-based architect Looney Ricks & Kiss was charged with creating a contemporary look that was also sympathetic to the historic nature of the neighborhood. The resulting "urban rural" design was achieved by melding aluminum trim, accents, cladding, and roofing with traditional façade details. J&P Roofing of Denver fabricated and installed 35,000 sf of V-Beam 0.24-gauge aluminum panel siding for the project.

Alcoa Architectural Products. Reader Service No. 211

Anchors Aweigh

Mechanical anchoring system reconnects existing masonry and concrete facades to various substrates, including concrete block backup. Torq-Lok provides two independently activated expanders that do not create tension between wythes, effectively stiffening the veneer and minimizing crack potential. Can be used as a replacement tie for broken or cracked headers in composite walls, or in high-stress areas that require load resistance greater than provided by typical wall ties.

Blok-Lok Ltd. Reader Service No. 202

Working Wonders

Concrete patching compound is a durable, fast-setting material useful for patching and detailing tilt-up panels, precast concrete, and concrete block. Composed of premium-grade hydraulic cement, calcium carbonate, and high-performance polymers, WunderFixx can be applied over existing concrete in thicknesses from feather-edge to ½ inch.

CTS Cement Manufacturing. Reader Service No. 205

Shooting Sound Dead

With two shooting ranges, offices, classrooms, and a gymnasium under the same roof, the 28,000-sf South Metro Public Safety Training Facility in Minneapolis posed a soundproofing challenge to architects. The design team specified SonexOne foam panels for the ceilings and walls of the shooting ranges to insulate the surrounding classrooms and offices from the noise of gunfire. The panels feature a Class-1 fire rating (the foam will char, but will not burn).

illbruck. Reader Service No. 216

Ultra-Safe Schools

Brochure describes how ultraviolet-C technology installed in air-handling systems at schools can prevent the spread of colds, flu, and other viral and bacterial infections, enhance indoor air quality, and reduce energy and maintenance costs. Steril-Aire UVC emitters use germicidal UVC energy to eradicate surface and airborne mold, viruses, and bacteria.

Steril-Aire Inc. Reader Service No. 217

Easy-to-Clean Wall Panel

Decorative wall panel composed of fiberglass-reinforced plastic provides the look of tile without the grout lines. Matrex panels are sealed with a clear acrylic coating that prevents dirt from penetrating the surface and resists mold and mildew. Available in a high-gloss, solid-color, a granite look, and a semi-smooth, sandstone appearance for use in restaurants, retail stores, and restrooms.

Kemlite Company. Reader Service No. 210

Adding Drama

A translucent canopy provides a dramatic entry into Terrell (Texas) High School's new Performance Arts Center. The SW-400 glazing system is fully tested for air and water infiltration, features condensation gutters on all framing members, and offers clean sight lines with no exposed fasteners.

Vistawall Group. Reader Service No. 213

Making Waves

To create the effect of an underwater dining experience at the Aquarium Restaurant in the Opry Mills Mall in Nashville, Tenn., architects designed ceilings and walls that undulate and curve like waves. Local drywall contractor Wall-Tech framed the intricate curving surfaces using a flexible track system that supports the metal studs. Manufactured with 20-gauge galvanized sheet metal, Flex-C Trac creates curved walls that have minimal flat spots and allow for deflection. The system also enables contractors to build curved structures in half the time compared with conventional methods, according to the maker.

Flex-Ability Concepts. Reader Service No. 214

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