December 01, 2004 |

All the Right Curves

The U.S. Army National Guard's new, 132,000-sf maintenance facility in Eleanor, W.Va., was recently topped with a teal-blue standing-seam metal roof. The SRS 3 roof panels were fabricated onsite by the contractor using two machines: one to form the 3-inch-wide standing seams and another to curve the panels. Onsite fabrication reduces transportation costs and allows for the fabrication of long, continuous panels.


Reader Service No. 205

Providing Cover

Durable column covers and beam wraps offer versatile design options for interior and exterior column and beam treatments. Fabricated from aluminum or stainless steel, the covers are available in a variety of sizes, colors, finishes, and joinery designs. Beam wraps complement column covers, but can also function as stand-alone treatments to enhance exposed beams and entranceways. Custom capital and base designs are also available.

Industrial Louvers Inc.

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All Things Resilient

Catalog details full line of resilient flooring, including rubber and vinyl safety stair coverings, floor materials, and raised design tile.

Musson Rubber Co.

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Put Flooring on the Map

To demonstrate its waterjet- and laser-cutting capabilities, Precision Waterjet of Orange County, Calif., custom cut 550 pieces of rubber flooring to form a 22×18-foot map of the U.S. for its lobby floor. The map, which identifies 15 U.S. landmarks, is composed of Nora rubber flooring in 21 colors and in sizes from ½×¼ inch to 25×25 inches.

Freudenberg Building Systems.

Reader Service No. 224

Breathing Room

Waterproof, breathable underlayment for roofs and walls prevents water from infiltrating buildings, while at the same time allowing interior moisture to filter out. VaproShield is a triple-layer, polypropylene textile that is ideal for rain-screen applications.


Reader Service No. 213

IAQ Monitoring System

Facility monitoring system automatically measures nine key parameters to assess indoor air quality and HVAC system performance, including relative humidity, volatile organic compounds, radon, carbon dioxide, and temperature. The Optima portable unit contains an array of electronic air sensors for continuous monitoring of IAQ, as well as mold-collection cartridges for sampling indoor and outdoor air.

Aircuity Inc.

Reader Service No. 214

Walking on Glass

To allow easy visual inspection of water controls located in a lower level, architects specified a structural glass flooring system during the renovation of the historic Baldwin Water Works in Cleveland. GlassWalk utilizes laminated glass lites from 12×12 inches to 24×58 inches, supported by an aluminum grid. Applications include floors, landings, and stairs. Glass is available in more than 30 different ceramic frit patterns with a non-slip finish.

IBP System.

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Made in the Shade

To control daylight and solar heat gain in a six-story, skylit atrium at the newly expanded Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan, design architect Yushio Taniguchi and executive architect Kohn Pederson Fox of New York, specified two 300-foot-long motorized shade systems, equipped with both semi-translucent and blackout shades. In addition, nearly 400 manually operated shades were used throughout the $425 million, 630,000-sf museum, fitted with gray shades custom-designed to match the daylight transmittance of the glazing and the glazing orientation.

MechoShade Systems Inc.

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Softer Touch

Fiber-glass duct wrap insulation is composed of glass fibers bonded together with a thermosetting resin, resulting in a product that is softer to the touch, causes less skin irritation, and is easier to cut than traditional wraps, says the maker. SoftTouch helps control heat loss and condensation during HVAC operation.

CertainTeed Corp.

Reader Service No. 221

Firestopping Spec Tool

New Web-based tool from Grace Construction Products assists contractors in selecting the ideal firestopping systems for a project. Based on information provided by users on through-penetration, joints, and perimeter barrier firestopping conditions, the FlameSafe Smart System Selector & Estimator recommends applicable firestopping systems from Grace, sorted in order of installed costs (material and labor). The program allows users to save results into a project summary report, as well as print data sheets on firestopping systems for inclusion in a submittal package.

Grace Construction Products.

Reader Service No. 209

Minimal Impact

Impact-resistant glass storefront system has been engineered to provide protection against wind-borne debris as mandated by South Florida's strict hurricane code. StormMax FG-5000 can be shop- or field-glazed and allows for anchor inspection before or after glazing, which ensures quicker installation and code approval.

Grace Construction Products.

Reader Service No. 222

Light and Quiet

Lightweight acoustical ceiling panels are up to five times lighter (0.25 lb./sf) than standard mineral fiber ceiling tiles, says the maker. Techstyle panels are manufactured with low-VOC and formaldehyde-free materials, improving indoor air quality.


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