All warm-edge spacers are not created equal

March 01, 2009 |



Non-metal spacer system for insulating glass units provides improved energy efficiency, durability, and comparable structural strength to stainless steel and other metal spacers. Super Spacer TriSeal's flexible foam construction allows for the natural expansion and contraction of insulating glass caused by temperature changes, barometric pressure changes, wind loads, and snow loads. Joe Erb, product manager, explained that where a rigid metal might cause breaks in the seal from long-term stress, TriSeal is able to bounce back, providing a longer lasting seal and long-term energy-saving benefits.

Applications: Any architectural or captured glazed window units, including curtain wall systems

Availability: Globally

Cost: TriSeal units cost the same as traditional dual-seal units constructed with metal bar and silicone

Contents: Desiccated silicone foam, acrylic adhesive, and a multi-layer vapor barrier

Environmental attributes: May contribute toward LEED certification

Contact: Edgetech I.G. Inc., www.edgetechig.

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