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Bob Borson, FAIA | Jan 24, 2022

The Top 10 Reasons to be an Architect

The Top 10 Reasons to be an Architect is a good topic to discuss on an architecturally themed podcast and interestingly enough, this is the very topic that put the Life of an Architect website on the proverbial map. It’s been 11 years, 11 months, and 2 days since I initially wrote that article and I think it’s time we revisited the topic. Welcome to Episode 92: The Top 10 Reasons to be an Architect.

Bob Borson, FAIA | Dec 6, 2021

Holiday Gift Guide for Architects (2021)

It’s almost that gift-giving time of the year. If you have an architect in your life, you know that getting them a gift is not the most amazing experience since they are offensively specific. That’s why we’re here.

Andrew Hawkins, AIA, LEED AP, NCARB | Dec 6, 2021

Small Firm Mentality

The “Jack of all trades/master of none” vs. “The Specialist” -- conceptually, this is the idea that distinguishes the nuances between a small architecture firm and a large architecture firm. But is that really true?

Bob Borson, FAIA | Oct 5, 2021

Design and fabrication: A conversation with architect Matthew Hufft

Learn how architect Matthew Hufft built fabrication into his creative process.

Bob Borson, FAIA | Sep 6, 2021

Ask the Show

Bringing work home with you, talking to your boss about a raise, what is your favorite beer. All this and more on today’s episode as Andrew and I answer your burning questions where almost nothing is off-limits. Thanks to our episode sponsor, BQE CORE ARCHITECT


Bob Borson, FAIA | Aug 23, 2021

The Side Hustle

It seems that everybody these days has a side hustle—a means in which you can leverage your creative genius into an additional stream of revenue to help you makes ends meet between paychecks. Thanks to our episode sponsor, BQE CORE ARCHITECT


Bob Borson, FAIA | Jun 1, 2021

Critical Skills of an Architect

Architects are expected to have a working mastery of building science and technology, construction techniques, and methodologies, all while bringing everything together in a visually pleasing manner. In Episode 76, we discuss the critical skills of an architect. Thanks to our episode sponsor, BQE CORE ARCHITECT

Bob Borson, FAIA | May 17, 2021

Should Architects Do It All?

Architects come out of school with a ton of knowledge, except most don’t actually know how to be an architect. What does that even mean? That is the focus of Episode 75, where we discuss what it takes to “build an architect.” Thanks to our episode sponsor: The BILCO Company

Bob Borson, FAIA | May 3, 2021

Architectural Memories that Matter

There are a handful of moments in a person’s professional life that really matter, and sometimes we don’t recognize how important those moments are until several years later. I know that I have a specific few that I frequently think back on and recognize them for what they really are. Welcome to Episode 74, “Architectural Memories That Matter.”

Bob Borson, FAIA | Apr 19, 2021

The Pros and Cons of Being Your Own Boss in Architecture

At one time or another, most architects think about opening their own architectural office. There are all sorts of reasons why this makes sense, but it obviously isn’t the right path for everyone. Thanks to our episode sponsor, BQE CORE ARCHITECT.

Bob Borson, FAIA | Apr 5, 2021

Architectural Disconnect

How old were you before you learned that architects exist? Do you remember that class you took in elementary school that talked about architects and architecture? Of course, you don’t, because for 99% of us, that class didn’t exist. Today we are going to be talking about the fantasy of being an architect versus reality. Welcome to Episode 72, “Architectural Disconnect.”

Bob Borson, FAIA | Mar 22, 2021

Architects on the Jobsite

For some architects, being on the jobsite is a vital part of their work process, while for others, they see jobsite visits as a series of obligations fraught with increased liability.

Tori Wickard | Mar 8, 2021

The Dirty Side to Clean Buildings

In this episode, we're talking about Material Health and Transparency as it pertains to the practice of architecture: what it's all about, why it's important, and the architect’s professional obligation related to building products.

Bob Borson, FAIA | Feb 22, 2021

Better Faster Cheaper

We have all heard the phrase “Better, Faster, Cheaper, you can have any 2.” Is it actually true? Yes, of course, it’s true, but we are going to talk about it anyways because this is really a conversation about quantity and quality, which is ultimately a conversation about value. 

Bob Borson, FAIA | Feb 10, 2021

Where is the Finish Line?

Becoming an architect is hard, but we all know that. You go to school for a long time and work and study, but upon graduation you are not an architect. So when does that moment happen? Welcome to Episode 68: “Where is the Finish Line?”

Bob Borson, FAIA | Jan 25, 2021

Life of an Architect: Ask the Show

Should architects date one another? How do you get your first client? What is the greatest challenge you’ve ever faced? All this and more burning questions for Bob Borson, FAIA, and Andrew Hawkins, AIA, on Episode 67 of Life of an Architect! 

Bob Borson, FAIA | Jan 11, 2021

Architects and Sketching

There is a nostalgia associated with sketching in the architecture profession. But is sketching still an integral part of the design process? Sharpen your pencils and pull out your favorite pen, because we are talking about "Architects and Sketching" in Episode 66 of the Life of an Architect podcast.

Bob Borson, FAIA | Dec 20, 2020

The Hypothetical Show

Since this is the final episode of the year AND the 2020 Life of an Architect podcast season, there is no better way to end the year than to dedicate an entire episode to hypothetical questions … so welcome to the Hypothetical Show!

Bob Borson, FAIA | Dec 7, 2020

A Day in the Life of an Architect

Answering the question "What exactly does a typical day in the life of an architect look like?" is nearly impossible. There are certain things that seem to be fairly standard to one of my “typical” days, but if I were to compare a day last week with a day from five years ago, those days would look completely different. How different? That’s exactly what we are discussing on today’s show.

Bob Borson, FAIA | Nov 23, 2020

Holiday Gift Guide for Architects

It’s that gift-giving time of the year, and if you have an architect in your life, you know that getting them the perfect gift is rough, since they are so particular. That’s why we’re here!

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