New Watt Stopper emergency relay panel

June 25, 2009 |

Watt Stopper/Legrand has developed a new relay panel to provide fail-safe emergency lighting in a variety of commercial settings. The Emergency Relay Panel option is UL924 listed for use on emergency circuits. It is available as an option with Watt Stopper’s 24 or 48 relay size Lighting Integrator (LI) low voltage lighting control panels.

A dedicated normal power sense connection monitors the presence of normal power and allows the HDR relays to control the emergency lighting circuits based on ordinary control schedules and devices, such as switches, occupancy sensors, and daylighting control devices. When normal power is lost for any reason, all HDR relays controlling emergency circuits are each individually bypassed automatically by a set of normally closed contacts. The HDR relays do not change state during a power outage so lighting is restored when normal power is restored.

The Lighting Integrator emergency panel option is ideal for applications where always-hot emergency lighting circuits need to be controlled along with the normal lighting circuits. Because the lighting control panel with integrated yet dedicated emergency relays operates normally based on the type of intelligence card installed in the panel, this is suitable for virtually any type of application. These panels can be used reliably for fail-safe emergency lighting operation in schools, office buildings, libraries, airports, industrial plants, warehouses, and auditoriums.

Watt Stopper/Legrand is a leading manufacturer of energy efficient lighting controls for commercial and residential use. The company helps customers find convenient ways to save energy, meet green initiatives, and comply with energy codes with our comprehensive range of products, programs, and services. Products include occupancy sensors, daylighting controls, lighting control panels, residential vacancy sensors, and plug load controls. Legrand, located in Limoges, France, is the world specialist in products and systems for electrical installations and information networks, offering solutions for use in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

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