Garland introduces new sustainable roofing solutions

March 13, 2009 |

The Garland Company Inc., Cleveland, Ohio based manufacturer and distributor of high-performance technologies for the building envelope, introduced two innovative sustainable roofing solutions at NRCA’s 2009 International Roofing Expo (IRE): a hybrid system that allows contractors to install a coal tar pitch product over an asphalt base using an asphalt-based adhesive, and a 100-percent-solids membrane-and-aggregate adhesive, enabling VOC-free installation of modified bitumen roofing.

Millennium Green-Lock Hybrid Roofing

Garland’s Millennium roofing is a unique multi-ply membrane system that combines polyester and fiberglass reinforcements and encapsulates them with a polymer-modified coal tar compound for enhanced performance. The system offers exceptional chemical resistance; the self-healing, elastomeric, low-temperature flexibility associated with coal tar; and the ecological advantage of being formulated primarily of pre-consumer industrial waste. Now, for the first time, this high-performance coal tar roofing solution can be installed as part of  Garland’s asphalt-based 2-Ply SBS-modified (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene) system (introduced earlier this year), using Garland’s VOC- and odor-free Green-Lock Membrane Adhesive. The resulting hybrid system offers the extreme performance benefits of a coal tar product with a high level of environmental responsibility, expanding coal tar application opportunities to eco-sensitive environments such as hospitals and schools.

Green-Lock Flood Coat

The newest member of Garland’s Green-Lock product family allows contractors to complete the installation of modified bitumen systems using an eco-friendly aggregate adhesive for mineral and aggregate surfacing. By using Green-Lock Flood Coat polyether-based membrane-and-aggregate adhesive, along with previously introduced cold-applied VOC-free membrane adhesives, Garland now offers the industry’s first mineral-surfaced membranes with 100-percent VOC-free installation.

Joe Mellott, Garland’s director of business development, explains: “Garland is proud to be introducing these two contractor-friendly roofing solutions at the IRE. Today’s roofing contractors, like their building-owner customers, understand the benefits of green technologies, but they don’t want to go green, if it means sacrificing performance. Our Millennium Green-Lock Hybrid system allows contractors to install an extreme performance solution in situations where odor is unacceptable. The innovative Green-Lock Flood Coat membrane-and-aggregate adhesive creates a new category of cold-applied roofing: modified bitumen systems with 100-percent VOC-free installation. These two new sustainable solutions offer contractors and customers the best of both worlds: exceptional performance and environmental responsibility.”

For more information on Garland sustainable solutions, click here.

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