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A rendering of a senior care room
Healthcare Facilities | July 31, 2017 | Stantec Blog Barry Kowalsky
When a family member can no longer be cared for in their current home, they require specialized care that is only available in a long-term care center...
CarloMaria Ciampoli discusses design during the General Assembly/We Work event in Denver, Colorado.

CarloMaria Ciampoli discusses design during the General Assembly/We Work event in Denver, Colorado.

Architects | July 19, 2017 | Stantec Blog CarloMaria Ciampoli
What is design? Who are designers? And are there any common laws or rules than can unite the many types of design that exist?
June 30, 2017 | Stantec Blog William Ketcham
Labs are designed by discipline, aligned by relevant commonalities, and adjoined to flexible faculty research stations.
Retail Centers | June 21, 2017 | Stantec Blog Steve Kearney
It’s time to plan for the suburban retail reset—and it starts by rethinking the traditional mall.
K-12 Schools | May 16, 2017 | Stantec Blog Tanya Doran
Students are helping drive change by focusing on the future.
April 11, 2017 | Stantec Blog Douglas King, Senior Associate, Stantec
Creating healthier populations through local community health centers.

Cherry Creek North

Retail Centers | March 07, 2017 | Stantec Blog Larry Weeks
What’s driving experiential retail in 2017 and beyond?
Building Team | February 21, 2017 | Stantec Blog Thanos Webb
Archaeologists continually unearth artifacts in our cities. It's time to showcase them.

Photo courtesy of the University of Waterloo

Augmented Reality | January 13, 2017 | Stantec Blog Justin Perdue, Associate Architect, Stantec
Measuring how the human mind responds to buildings could improve design.

Pixabay Public Domain

Healthcare Facilities | September 16, 2016 | Stantec Blog Bruce Knepper, AIA
Discovering new ways design can—and can’t—improve the patient experience.
Designers | August 16, 2016 | Stantec Blog Douglas J. King, AIA, NCARB, CSI, ACHA
Creating a network of experts to talk next generation healthcare design education
5 creative approaches to finish standards

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, Our Lady of the Lake in Baton Rouge, La. Photos: Hedrich Blessing, Marie Constantin, Ted Kiper, courtesy VOA.

Architects | July 22, 2016 | Stantec Blog Candace Small
With the right mindset, standards can produce great design for healthcare facilities, as VOA's Candace Small explores.

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Horizon Village. Images courtesy VOA.


University Buildings | July 06, 2016 | Stantec Blog Steve Siegle, AIA, LEED AP BD+C
Universities across the country are striving to meet the demand of on-campus housing. VOA's Steve Siegle examines what students and universities desir...

Images courtesy VOA

Architects | May 16, 2016 | Stantec Blog Pablo Quintana
VOA's Pablo Quintana writes that the industry is looking for ways to increase engagement through a mix of spaces suited to employees' desire for both...
Creating a home for eldercare using the ‘Green House’ design concept

Sketch: VOA Associates

Architects | April 14, 2016 | Stantec Blog Douglas J. King, AIA, NCARB, CSI, ACHA
VOA Associates’ Douglas King offers design considerations in implementing the Green House concept in eldercare for continuing care retirement communit...
15 ways "soft brand" hotel chains can distinguish themselves

Photo courtesy VOA

Hotel Facilities | November 13, 2015 | Stantec Blog Mark Pratt
Hospitality’s biggest names are creating new, evolved brands to appeal to today’s traveler and compete against boutique hotels and Airbnb, writes VOA'...
Emotional intelligence and design

Image courtesy VOA Blog

Architects | November 03, 2015 | Stantec Blog Angie Lee, FAIA, NCARB, IIDA, LEED AP
In a world in which technology and its skills are constantly changing, good people skills are becoming more important, writes VOA's Angie Lee.
5 reasons healthcare organizations are implementing finish standards on construction projects

LSU's Graduate Medical Education & Innovation Center in Baton Rouge, La. Photo courtesy VOA Blog.

Healthcare Facilities | September 21, 2015 | Stantec Blog Lauren Andrysiak, NCIDQ, IIDA
The desire for improved patient satisfaction, staff retention, and turn-key maintenance are among the top reasons more healthcare groups are implement...

Image: Steelcase Ology, courtesy VOA Associates

August 18, 2015 | Stantec Blog Lauren Andrysiak, VOA Associates
Sit-to-stand work surfaces were all the rage this year, according to VOA Associates' Lauren Andrysiak.
Finally! There's a workplace trend that’s worth embracing

The intersection of people, place, and tools is where we find success. Discover that intersection and design to criteria support all three. Diagram: VOA Associates

Architects | July 21, 2015 | Stantec Blog John Varholak, AIA, IIDA, LEED AP
There’s a realization by corporate real estate executives that in order to create a successful workplace, there must be alignment between their people...
'What’s the latest trend in workplace design?': How architects and designers should answer this question

Rendering: VOA Associates

Office Building Design | June 30, 2015 | Stantec Blog John Varholak, AIA, IIDA, LEED AP
Hint: Your response must be better than a laundry list of solutions, according to VOA Associates' John Varholak.
Top 3 2030 Challenge trends

Image: Pixabay/Unsplash

Green | May 05, 2015 | Stantec Blog Annalise Dietzen and Emma Conway
The growth of IPD is among the key takeaways from the USGBC Region 7 Conference.
5 trends shaping today's hospitality industry

Hotels are taking both sustainability and wellness seriously. Many announce their recycling programs, use of non-toxic cleaning supplies, and commitment to the reduction of energy and water consumption on their websites. Image courtesy Morgue File/IJY

Hotel Facilities | March 25, 2015 | Stantec Blog Mark Pratt, AIA
Digital concierges, smart locks, mobile check-in. These are among the emerging trends and technologies in hospitality design.
Can advanced elevator technology take vertical hospitals to the next level?

In the mid-1990s elevator giant Otis conducted a research project called Odyssey. Otis developed an elevator system that allowed elevator cab occupants to travel both vertically and horizontally within the same cab, with the option to travel vertically again. Illustrations: Douglas J. King, VOA Associates

Architects | March 23, 2015 | Stantec Blog Douglas J. King
VOA's Douglas King recalls the Odyssey project and ponders vertical transportation in high-rise healthcare design.
Are you ready for high-rise hospitals?

Illustration: Douglas King, VOA

Healthcare Facilities | March 01, 2015 | Stantec Blog Douglas J. King, AIA, NCARB, CSI, ACHA
The vertical hospital environment may be the wave of the future, but it is not without its design challenges.

Wintrust Financial Corporation by VOA. Photo credit: VOA

Architects | January 14, 2015 | Stantec Blog
No matter the level of complexity, workplace change can be a challenge for your client's employees. VOA's Angie Lee breaks down the process of moving...

Image courtesy VOA

Architects | September 29, 2014 | Stantec Blog
VOA's Douglas King pinpoints the top issues that arise during healthcare facilities assessments, including missing fire/smoke dampers, out-of-place fi...
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