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At SAFTI FIRST, Safety is Our First Priority

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At SAFTI FIRST, Safety is Our First Priority

Bill O'Keeffe | June 10, 2020
SAFTI FIRST Tempered Glass Capabilities

SAFTI FIRST’s extensive glass fabrication facility in Merced, CA includes state-of-the-art equipment including multiple full glass tempering lines that can help businesses re-open safely by producing custom protective tempered safety glass barriers for the workplace.

As stay-at-home orders are lifted in parts of the country, some offices are starting to re-open. However, it will not be the same office that it was two months ago. Employees are a company’s most valuable asset to care for and retain, so in easing everyone back into the physical office, their safety is always a priority. Employers can gain knowledge in this effort by checking with their local states and counties on specific re-opening guidelines. There are also other resources that might help, such as Cushman & Wakefield’s “Safe Six” checklist and their more comprehensive “Recovery Readiness: A How-to Guide for Reopening your Workplace”.

Safety is something we take seriously. In fact, it is in our own name. “SAFTI” stands for “Safety and Fire Technology Incorporated,” and FIRST was added because it is our priority. As offices, schools, medical facilities, laboratories and other physical spaces begin to open up, we offer to help with their custom tempered safety glass designs to help reduce the spread of viruses and to help them to make a safer place for employees and occupants. These clear, protective tempered safety glass barriers are durable, long-lasting, easy to clean and assemble. They can also help enforce the safe distancing guidelines without having to sacrifice any visual connection or natural light. 

SAFTI FIRST Tempered Glass Partitions for Social Distance in the WorkplaceThese clear, protective tempered safety glass barriers help protect employees by enforcing social distancing guidelines without sacrificing any visual connection or natural light.  In addition, they are customizable, durable, long-lasting, easy to clean and assemble. 

These clear, protective tempered safety glass barriers help protect employees by enforcing social distancing guidelines without sacrificing any visual connection or natural light. In addition, they are customizable, durable, long-lasting, easy to clean and assemble.  

Code Changes Allow SAFTI FIRST to Expand Offering

This new offering is in line with SAFTI FIRST’s interest in public safety, which started with a successful code change in the 2003 IBC that eliminated unsafe wired glass in hazardous locations in schools. Prior to this code change, traditional wired glass was the most common fire rated glazing in elementary schools. This highly dangerous glazing product, while appearing strong, was easily broken and then trapped the limb of an unsuspecting child or adult impacting it, causing extensive, life threating injuries. The code change was expanded in the subsequent editions of the IBC to include all areas requiring an impact safety rating, such as doors and side lights, in all types of facilities – both new construction and renovations. This action made all buildings and remodeled structures a safer environment for occupants. Many owners and administrators are now retrofitting with newer, safer glazing options to reduce liability claims from these injuries.

SAFTI will be announcing an affordable, bullet and attack resistant, replaceable door lite kit for schools and public places and anywhere occupants could be impacted by an armed assailant. 
This expands SAFTI’s multiplicity of specialty glazing and framing offerings. SAFTI FIRST is the leader in USA-made safety, fire rated glass and framing systems. Our glazing and framing products protect against hurricane, blast, ballistic, attack, tornado, fire from 20 minutes to two hours or almost any other threat encountered by a glazing product. Please call us toll free at 888.653.3333 and any one of our sales engineers will help you with any questions or requirements that you have or wish to design. 

As I mentioned in my last blog, “this too shall pass”.  Safety will always be SAFTI’s first priority.  Stay well!

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