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Our blogs are written by our employees at HDR. While we are most well-known for delivering architecture and engineering services—for adding beauty and structure to communities through high performance buildings and smart infrastructure, we provide much more than that. We create an unshakable foundation for progress because our multidisciplinary teams also include scientists, economists, builders, analysts and artists. Our thought leader bloggers represent offices from around the world and write about ideas, experiences and insights into our practice and the greater design community. Come visit us at Insights @hdrinc.com.

Architects | HDR | June 08, 2018
In gathering this constant flow of data and recognizing the shifting trends, how can...
Healthcare Facilities | HDR | April 24, 2018
Research has shown that inmates are getting older and sicker.
Engineers | HDR | March 06, 2018
When modeling is applied to engineering systems, the same benefits can be realized by...
Healthcare operations: The good and bad of the ‘visit per room per day’ metric

Image: Pixabay

Healthcare Facilities | HDR | February 28, 2018
Merely pursuing a high “visit per room per day” metric may drive up other resource needs...
Aerial view of a behavioral health center
Healthcare Facilities | HDR | October 05, 2017
Confined treatment centers for civilly-committed individuals.
Students in the University of Nebraska Manter Hall
Laboratories | HDR | September 22, 2017
Here is how the See + Hear + Do = Remember mantra can be applied to maker spaces and...
Building Team | HDR | April 04, 2017
Many assume that post-occupancy (POE) is a clearly-defined term and concept, but the ...
Healthcare Facilities | HDR | March 24, 2017
Pediatric experience design must evolve beyond the common mantra of “make it fun” or “...
Green | HDR | January 19, 2017
To help one of the most complex cities in the world develop an actionable strategy to...
Architects | HDR | October 21, 2016
Sometimes people look only for the simple answer and don’t understand that there is a...

Pixabay Public Domain

HDR | October 03, 2016
Know what you're working toward, be empathetic, and listen actively are three tips HDR's...
Sustainability | HDR | September 08, 2016
When it comes to design we are in the business of imagining what could be, not...

Courtesy of HDR

Designers | HDR | August 10, 2016
Engagement at all levels, designing with families in mind, and integrating flexible...

Images courtesy HDR

Building Team | HDR | June 14, 2016
Recent design trends favor extroverts who enjoy collaboration. HDR's Lynn Mignola says...
How HDR used computational design tools to design Omaha's UNO Baxter Arena

The new Baxter Arena in Omaha, Neb. Photo: Dan Schwalm, courtesy of HDR Architecture, Inc. Click here to enlarge.

AEC Tech | HDR | May 02, 2016
Three years after writing a white paper about designing an arena for the University of...
Identifying, using, and applying predictive analytics

Photo: Jeff Seeger/Creative Commons

Big Data | HDR | March 28, 2016
Branden Collingsworth, HDR’s new Director of Predictive Analytics, clarifies what his...
HDR's redesigns Twin Cities' studio to have coffee shop vibe

Images courtesy HDR

Architects | HDR | March 02, 2016
With open spaces, huddle rooms, and a design lab, the firm's new digs are drastically...

Photo: Rachel Park

Augmented Reality | HDR | January 19, 2016
A waning need for office buildings may be on the horizon, thanks to the possibility of...

Employers must strike a balance between traditional offices and modern workspaces. Image courtesy HDR

Office Building Design | HDR | October 19, 2015
Each office workplace requires a different blend of people, processes, tools, and spaces...
Why does an American city of 400,000 feel more compact than a European city of 2.4 million?

View over Paris, at dusk, from the Maine-Montparnasse tower. Photo: Benh Lieu Song, Wikimedia Commons

Smart and Resilient Cities | HDR | June 28, 2015
HDR’s Jim Thomson brings home some insights from a recent trip to Paris. 
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