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DLR Group’s Insights Blog features commentary and thought leadership from the firm’s architecture, design, and engineering experts across more than a dozen core sectors: civic, courts, detention, energy services, healthcare, higher education, hospitality, K-12 education, museum, performing arts, retail, mixed-use, sports, workplace design, multifamily housing, and transportation. More at dlrgroup.com/media

January 27, 2021
In searching for an indoor air quality monitor, most devices will measure a combination...
The rise of inquiry-based learning in K-12 communities, designed by DLR Group, photo by Tom Reich

Canyon View High School in Waddell, Ariz., designed by DLR Group. Photo by Craig Randock, courtesy DLR Group


Architects | September 01, 2020
Inquiry-based education offers a methodology that does not rely solely on the educator...
Performing Arts Centers | August 31, 2020
Live productions, which offer students the opportunity to hone their skills with true...
Adaptive Reuse | June 11, 2019
Building reuse generally offers greater environmental savings than demolition or new...
Education Facility | April 29, 2019
Fast forward to the year 2050 and beyond, and imagine what education looks like.
Big Data | DLR Group | August 31, 2018
Increased transparency of operational building data is impacting accountability.
Big Data | DLR Group | July 02, 2018
We’re well into the digital era of architecture which favors processes that have a better...
Architects | DLR Group | June 04, 2018
We have several gaps between the need and desire to have abundant, accessible, clean...
Multifamily Housing | DLR Group | April 23, 2018
The adaptability of urban development could be revolutionized through the inherent ...
Education Facility | DLR Group | April 11, 2018
The task of providing safe and secure environments in which our children can learn is...
Energy Efficiency | DLR Group | April 04, 2018
A building with a higher occupant density may have a higher energy use, but expend less...
Architects | DLR Group | March 12, 2018
Thoughtful design, paired with a change management program to educate staff, can both...
Healthcare Facilities | DLR Group | March 05, 2018
What exactly is the hospital of future? Or more specifically, what is the future of...
AEC Tech | DLR Group | February 28, 2018
Unlike other technologies we have seen, augmented and virtual reality are looking to have...
Pathfinder Kindergarten Center in Everett, Wash., by DLR Group
Architects | DLR Group | January 29, 2018
The idea of a kindergarten-only school presents both challenges and opportunities in...
Joplin (Mo.) Interim High School, designed by DLR Group. Photo courtesy DLR Group

Joplin (Mo.) Interim High School, designed by DLR Group. Photo courtesy DLR Group

K-12 Schools | DLR Group | January 22, 2018
An education market think tank proposes a radical research concept for evaluating...
Architects | DLR Group | January 04, 2018
Homelessness is an issue affecting millions around the globe. 
Architects | DLR Group | November 17, 2017
About 90% of the time prospective clients are not aware of historic tax credits.
DLR Group | November 03, 2017
Nearly every design firm will tell an owner that they use integrated design, working hand...

JW Marriott Minneapolis Mall of America. Photo courtesy JW Marriott

AEC Tech | DLR Group | August 02, 2017
By varying an LED luminaire’s color temperature, it is possible to mimic daylighting, to...
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