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Lack of organizational readiness is biggest hurdle to artificial intelligence adoption

Managers of companies in the industrial sector, including construction, have bought the hype of artificial intelligence (AI) as a transformative technology, but their organizations are not ready to realize its promise, according to research from IFS, a global cloud enterprise software company. An IFS survey of 1,700 senior decision-makers found that 84% of executives anticipate massive organizational benefits from AI. 

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AEC Tech | Oct 28, 2020

Meet Jaibot, Hilti's new construction robot

The semi-autonomous robot is designed to assist MEP contractors with ceiling-drilling applications. 

Smart Buildings | Oct 26, 2020

World’s first smart building assessment and rating program released

The SPIRE Smart Building Program will help building owners and operators make better investment decisions, improve tenant satisfaction, and increase asset value.

AEC Tech | Oct 23, 2020

Risk mitigation: Seeing the forest and the tree

This case study highlights how new data analysis tools can be successfully leveraged to gain insights into some of the more abstract aspects of building evaluations.

Architects | Oct 14, 2020

The Weekly Show: AI for building facade inspections; designing a world-class architecture firm

The October 15 episode of BD+C's "The Weekly" is available for viewing on demand.

Smart Buildings | VIATechnik | Oct 1, 2020

Smart buildings stand on good data

The coming disruption of owning and operating a building and how to stay ahead through BIM.

Digital Twin | Aug 27, 2020

The Weekly show: Digital twin technology and social equity in the AEC market

The August 27 episode of BD+C's "The Weekly" is available for viewing on demand. 

AEC Tech | Apr 13, 2020

A robotic dog becomes part of Swinerton’s construction technology arsenal

Boston Dynamics, the robot’s creator, has about 100 machines in the field currently.

AEC Tech | Mar 30, 2020

Will 3D printing be an answer for building more affordable homes?

A project in southern California will put onsite fabrication to the test against other construction modes.

AEC Tech | Mar 23, 2020

Working from home? Don't miss out on the latest issue of Building Design+Construction

BD+C's March issue features the largest and most important technological innovations across the AEC industry.

AEC Tech | VIATechnik | Mar 17, 2020

A tree grows in Stanford: CIFE, VDC, and where it all began

As our industry adopts VDC as standard practice, it is important to remember where these ideas began and continue to emanate from today.

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