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101 Top Products: Plumbing

Among the best plumbing products included in BD+C's Top 101 Products report are Kohler's HighLine 1.0 GPF Toilet, Chicago Faucets', EFS Hand-Washing Station, and Gerber's PeeWee Children's Toilet.

By BD+C Staff | March 23, 2018


1. Highline 1.0 GPF Toilet | Kohler

This single-flush, 1.0-gpf toilet combines the force of gravity with an engineered tank, bowl, and fully glazed trapway to create a strong siphon during flushing. Exceeds MaP Premium requirements for solid waste removal in a single flush, removing more than two pounds of waste.


2. rorik Sliding shower door | Krownlab

Krownlab has developed a new ADA-compliant sliding shower door system for heavy-use hospitality projects. The Rorik system fits most shower designs and is compatible with shower door sizes from half-inch-thick panels to traditional 3/8-inch ones. The system can accommodate openings up to six feet wide. The patented sliding door hardware features a stainless steel bearing as a wheel. The hardware rolls on a track that appears to float along the fixed glass panel, thanks to concealed fasteners. A hidden wall attachment point is used in a specially engineered wall socket. A door-panel adjustment allows the system to be raised or lowered at each bearing by 1/8 inch. Compatible with tile or concrete shower pans.


3. 3D-printed faucetS FEATURED IN DXV collection | American Standard

A trio of 3D-printed faucets—Trope, Vibrato, and Shadowbrook (pictured) from American Standard’s DXV Collection—are created using direct metal laser sintering, an additive manufacturing process that is being used for the first time to print metal prototypes. A computer-guided laser beam fuses powdered metal into the shape of the desired faucet under high heat and pressure. As a solid metal block arises out of the powder, it is hand-finished to smooth extraneous metal. An artisan then hand finishes the design to give it the look and feel of  antique silver pieces.


4. Gap-free sierra series and duraline toilet partitions | Bobrick Washroom Equipment

A newly expanded line of privacy partitions for commercial restrooms completely eliminates gaps between doors and stiles at the front of the stalls, as well as between the stalls at the dividing panels. The product line also creates clean, flush architectural styling across a series of panels. The Gap-Free SierraSeries (solid-color reinforced composite) and DuraLine Series (compact laminate) partitions from Bobrick Washroom Equipment feature an integrated gap-free option to achieve no sightlines between doors and stiles. The interlocking doors and stiles are routed 0.300 inch (7.6mm) from the edge to allow for a 0.175-inch (4.4mm) overlap. The product lines are available with a 72-inch-high door options in four panel configurations: floor-to-ceiling, overhead-braced, floor-anchored, and ceiling-hung units.


5. WICS-222 Infection Control Sink in one-piece design | WIlloughby Industries

With one-piece construction, an offset drain position, and an oversized backsplash, this sink is designed to minimize splashing and reduce the spread of infectious disease. Water pours down onto a sloped ledge before going toward the drain. This keeps water from splashing directly into the drain and aerosolizing contents in the trap. Wrist blade or infrared-style faucets available.


6. EFS Hand-Washing Station | Chicago Faucets

Developed in conjunction with Ecolab, the EFS touch-free hand-washing station for healthcare environments delivers water and soap in a consistent, pre-defined sequence. Simple three-step process, including a timed soap-scrubbing period, supports the CDC hand-washing recommendations to help reduce hospital acquired infections. Warning lights indicate required replacement of batteries or soap bottle.


7. Sundara Solid surface handwashing system | Zurn

Sundara is a Hindi word for “beautiful.” The new Sundara Handwashing System from Zurn strives for aesthetic excellence by combining a seamless countertop and basin design with curated fauces and matching soap dispensers. The maker interviewed 150 architects and designers and conducted >10,000 hours of research to create 26 trial prototypes. Available in seven basin colors and single-, double-, and triple-basin configurations.


8. Kit 40 Intelli Waste System | Victoria + Albert

Concealed system uses magnetic technology and water pressure to provide flood protection for freestanding tubs in hospitality settings. When the water depth reaches 153/4 inches, the Kit 40 Intelli Waste System triggers the plug to open, allowing the water to drain. Once the faucet has been turned off, the water depth continues to drain to 113/4 inches, then the plug automatically reseals.


9. ‘Protector’ No-overflow Toilet has no unsightly holes | Mansfield Plumbing

This toilet features a concealed overflow system that prevents water from overflowing in the event of a clogged bowl. If the toilet is clogged, the water flows directly into the drain line. No unsightly holes common with typical no-overflow toilets. PuraClean glaze makes the Protector No-overflow Toilet resistant to bacteria.


10. Peewee children's toilet | Gerber

Two-piece, 1.28-gpf toilet features a three-inch flush valve, fully glazed trapway, and dual-fed siphon jet for a clean bowl after each use. Designed for daycare facilities, schools, and other environments where children are present, the PeeWee Children’s Toilet comes standard with a lid lock feature for child safety. Large footprint (237/8 inches wide x 245/8 inches deep) is ideal for renovations.


11. M•Power Flush Valves | Moen Commercial

Sensor-operated flush valves use AA alkaline batteries. Vandal-resistant stop valves and a shatter-proof polycarbonate sensor eye cover offer protection. Small, streamlined shape is designed for ADA installations. AccuSet piston technology minimizes maintenance or need for replacement parts.


12. verge WashBar technology | Bradley Corp.

Bradley Corp.’s Verge with WashBar technology provides touchless clean, rinse, and dry functionality in a single lavatory unit. The WashBar is made up of a piece of chrome-plated stainless steel with LED lighting and easy-to-identify icons on top of the bar that guide users through the clean-rinse-dry process. The WashBar uses a single-use one-gallon soap container to reduce germ contamination. The integrated dryer has been designed to work in tandem with the bowl to eliminate water spray onto the floor or the user. Owners can adjust the air speed of the dryer for a quieter experience. Water is dispensed at 0.5 gpm. An ultra-low-flow option (0.35 gpm) is available, as are one-, two-, and three-basin systems. The units are made with Bradley’s Evero quartz material, a resilient natural composite.


13. Sloan 0.35 GPM Faucets | Sloan

Editor's Pick

Sloan’s 0.35 gpm flow rate faucets can help architects and interior designers achieve LEEDv4 compliance for water conservation. The Optima and Sloan family of sensor products serve commercial restroom environments with touch-free applications that save 30% more water than faucets rated at the industry standard 0.5 gpm.


14. ProPEX Opposing-port Tees  | Uponor

Opposing-port tees for PEX hydronic heating and cooling systems eliminate the need for additional tees and elbows to facilitate piping in two directions, reducing the number of required fittings by 75%. Instead of using four fittings to change piping direction in a confined space, ProPEX opposing-port tees can do it with just one part. The tees are available in 1-, 11/4, 11/2-, and 2-inch flow-through sizes.


15. In-wall flushing systems | Viega

Innovation and German engineering are evident in Viega’s In-Wall Flushing Systems. Viega teamed up with world-renowned designers to develop a range of award-winning flush plates. Carriers can be set for most bowl heights. Flush plates can be flush-mounted in the wall and are available with sensor technology, infrared, and remote button for ADA compliance.


16. single-hole faucet with proximity sensing technology | Delta

Delta commercial faucets with Proximity Sensing Technology allow the user to turn on the water by simply placing a hand near the faucet spout. The entire faucet body acts as a sensor. There is no sensor inside the faucet body, no underplate, and no infrared window, making the system especially useful in environments that require vandal resistance. Shown here is the Model 590-PLFHDF Single Hole Battery-Operated Faucet with Proximity Sensing Technology for hands-free activation. It has an adjustable sensing range, auto shutoff, metering mode, and periodic rinse feature and is ADA compliant.



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