U.K. imposes BIM requirement on government projects

U.S. unlikely to follow suit.

April 21, 2016 |
U.K. imposes BIM requirement on government projects

Image: Tyler Disney/YouTube screenshot.

As of April 4, 2016, all government contractors had to be compliant with Level 2 Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the United Kingdom.

The requirement aims to provide government officials with as much information about their construction projects as possible so that they can manage the resulting assets—chiefly "maintainable assets" like electrical and mechanical—effectively. Major contractors were prepared for this mandate, but some subcontractors are not, and will need assistance to comply.

Observers say a similar requirement is unlikely in the U.S., as the domestic industry is further along in adopting BIM. U.S. contractors have adopted modeling faster than many European counterparts, and BIM is regarded as an expected business practice here.

The U.K. may up the ante on BIM rules. Government and industry are jointly preparing to raise the BIM requirement to Level 3, which would require all parties on a government construction projects to work from one common BIM model.

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