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Sherwin-Williams color forecast identifies 40 hot colors for 2017

The four palettes—Noir, Holistic, Intrepid, and Unbounded—were developed by a team of design and color experts.

June 13, 2016 |

Room painted with the Intrepid palette. Photos courtesy Sherwin-Williams. Click here to enlarge. 

Sherwin-Williams has released four new color palettes.

A team of design and color experts developed colormix 2017: The Sherwin-Williams Color Forecast based on extensive research and insights into global trends. The four palettes — Noir, Holistic, Intrepid and Unbounded — each consist of 10 colors.

Noir: Driven by baroque and romanticism trends, the Noir palette is rich with colors that evoke vine-ripe fruits, Nordic blues, moody neutrals, and golden yellow. This stark style looks modern in residences or commercial properties.

Holistic: Sustainable design and transparency are the new standards. The colors of this holistic palette include arctic neutrals, blush rose, wild browns and forest floor green, and they are suitable for healing retreats and eco-travel settings.

Intrepid: Youth culture and global collaboration lead to a feisty energy, which influenced this retro palette, including fiery oranges, vibrant kimono colors and the simplicity of black, white and gray.

Unbounded: Global immigration is redefining national identities, and design is adapting to more diverse populations. Global consciousness is captured in this palette’s earthy mustards and browns as well as ocean blues and corals.

“Our forecast this year is an exploration of the trends and influences that are emerging to drive design towards a state of restless energy,” said Sue Wadden, director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams. “Each of our four palettes tell a distinct color story, offering opportunities for homeowners and professionals alike to explore color in new and exciting ways.”


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colormix 2017: The Sherwin-Williams Color Forecast





Anchors Aweigh (SW 9179)

Mountain Air (SW 6224)

Caviar (SW 6990)

Mudslide (SW 9113)

Marea Baja (SW 9185)

Stardew (SW 9138)

Kimono Violet (SW 6839)

Freshwater (SW 6774)

Mature Grape (SW 6286)

Coral Island (SW 6332)

Dahlia (SW 6816)

Sealskin (SW 7675)

Black Swan (SW 6279)

Acier (SW 9170)

High Reflective White (SW 7757)

Bee (SW 6683)

Alchemy (SW 6395)

Casa Blanca (SW 7571)

Rayo De Sol (SW 9020)

Coral Reef (SW 6606)

Cascades (SW 7623)

Gale Force (SW 7605)

Serape (SW 6656)

Rave Red (SW 6608)

Icelandic (SW 6526)

Brandywine (SW 7710)

Emotional (SW 6621)

Saguaro (SW 6419)

Cyberspace (SW 7076)

Sheraton Sage (SW 0014)

Sierra Redwood (SW 7598)

Adriatic Sea (SW 6790)

Poised Taupe (SW 6039)

Roycroft Rose (SW 0034)

Citronella (SW 6915)

Cut the Mustard (SW 6384)

Spatial White (SW 6259)

Deep Forest Brown (SW 9175)

Popular Gray (SW 6071)

Tres Naturale (SW 9101)


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