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June 01, 2002 |

Energy efficient escalator

Powered by a direct drive that is 96 percent efficient, the ECO3000 escalator has several energy-efficient environmentally friendly features, including a chainless drive that needs no lubrication and a control system that conserves energy by adjusting power up 120 times a second depending on the escalator workload. Moreover, because the direct drive is located within the system’s step loop, the ECO3000 has a 10 percent smaller footprint than standard units.


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Clear, yet durable

To create an open atmosphere that stimulates learning, the building team for the new Lakewood Ranch High School, Bradenton, Fla., specified extensive use of Steelcraft A Series window walls, which meet the strict durability requirements for a school environment. The glass walls form the exterior façade facing the school’s central courtyard, where students move from class to class.

Steelcraft, Ingersoll-Rand

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Smooth metal panels

Consisting of two sheets of .020-in. aluminum bonded to a thermoplastic core, Alucobond metal panel system was specified for the exterior of a skyway at Normandale Lake office complex in Bloomington, Minn. According to project designer Edward Farr, the aluminum composite material provides “smooth, stable metal, with minimum maintenance.”

Alcan Composites USA Inc.

Reader Service No. 303

Light-gauge metal framing

Suitable for light commercial applications, Ultra-Span light-gauge steel trusses for flat and pitched roofs can be integrated with any structural material, providing a structural framing system for medium-span (up to 80 feet) applications. The trusses are 100 percent noncombustible, and are prefabricated, speeding the roof design and construction process.

Aegis Metal Framing.

Reader Service No. 305

Wood flooring

Walnut and cherry are among the additions to Armstrong’s Hartco Pattern-Plus 5000 commercial hardwood floor line. Walnut is offered in three colors, and cherry is available in its natural color. The company also expanded its oak line with the new Full-Face Oak, which has a cleaner look that traditional oak.


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Single-ply roof insulation

Featuring a polymerized emulsion coating that reduces the amount of adhesive required, High Density Single Ply Board allows direct application of single-ply roof membranes. Available in 4-by-8-ft. sizes, the 1/2-in.-thick board is light and easy to install.

Johns Manville.

Reader Service No. 307

Insulating concrete form

A Pier 1 Imports store in Minot, N.D., represents the latest installation of the Arxx High Performance Wall System, which consists of interlocking, lightweight, expanded polystyrene forms that remain in position after the concrete is placed. The insulating capacity of expanded polystyrene coupled with the structural integrity of reinforced concrete result in walls that are stronger, safer, quieter and more energy efficient.

Arxx Building Products.

Reader Service No. 308

Corrosion-resistant roof

Specified for its anti-corrosion qualities, TCS II stainless-steel roof panels top the new Trinity Cancer Center in Steubenville, Ohio. The material’s zinc/tin alloy coating provides corrosion resistance in severe atmospheres, including those encountered in chemically polluted and chlorine-laden marine environments.

Follansbee Steel.

Reader Service No. 309

Translucent fire vent

Lumivent automatic fire vent features translucent glazing made of a polycarbonate material that maximizes light transmittance while increasing insulation performance by more than 40 percent versus standard domed vents. The system is designed to open automatically in the event of a fire, allowing smoke, heat and gases to escape.

The Bilco Co.

Reader Service No. 310

Separation integrity

For projects with more than 70-degree grade separations, the SierraScape System is an alternative to concrete-faced wall systems for holding earth in place. A wire-formed wall system with a positive, mechanical connection that assures long-term connection integrity, it withstands differential settlement and offers exceptional performance in areas with seismic activity or heavy external loads.

Tensar Earth Technologies Inc.

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New-look shingles

The Landmark asphalt roofing shingles line has been updated with new colors and wider, depth-enhancing shadow lines, providing a softer look. Eight colors are now available. Algae-resistant shingles are offered in selected areas.

CertainTeed Corp.

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Coated, colored and sealed

Engineered to conform to weather, adhesion, viscosity and elongation standards, Sure-Seal acrylic roof coatings are available in two standard colors &m> gray and white &m> as well as in custom hues, which allow designers and owners to enhance the appearance of single-ply roofs.

Carlisle Syntec.

Reader Service No. 312

Powerful décor

An aesthetically pleasing way to provide power and data/communications to open areas, the Vista Series consists of two round or square end channels that contain wire and cables and a decorative center panel that houses receptacles, communications ports and additional wire or cables. The panel is available in a variety of materials to meet any décor, including fabric, metal, glass and wood.


Reader Service No. 314

Quick-fix concrete

For quick and easy repair of stonework, Latapoxy 310 stone adhesive repair and fix repair kit is chemically safe, can be used on wet or dry surfaces, can be painted or polished, and is capable of withstanding shock and vibration. The kit is available with five-minute rapid-dry or traditional 45-minute set formulas.

Laticrete International.

Reader Service No. 315

Sleek door closer

The TS 93 surface-applied door closer features a cam-and-roller design reduces the effort required to open a door and eliminates the traditional protruding, double-lever arm of rack-and-pinion systems, presenting an uncluttered opening. An adjustable, hydraulic backcheck function prevents uncontrolled opening of the door, while delayed closing action allows unobstructed passage.


Reader Service No. 316

Protection from moisture below

Designed for use underneath slab-on-grade concrete, Florprufe vapor barrier membrane protects moisture-sensitive floor finishes, such as wood, tile, carpet and vinyl, by creating a permanent bond to the underside of the concrete slab. Florprufe comes in 4-by-115-ft. rolls that are applied over the compacted base. When liquid concrete is poured over the membrane, the pressure-sensitive adhesive forms a continuous integral bond to the concrete.

Grace Construction Products.

Reader Service No. 357

Grounding clamps

Easy-to-install grounding clamps for protection against lightning strikes have off-set cable holders to allow bend-free wire runs. Clamps are constructed of tin-plated cast bronze for a long life.

East Coast Lightning Equipment Inc.

Reader Service No. 358

Moisture-resistant EIFS

Designed to meet the latest building codes for moisture protection, EIFS NexT is a five-part exterior insulation finish system that features Sto Guard liquid applied air/moisture barrier, which resists moisture penetration more than 28 times longer than conventional building paper. In addition, unlike building paper or wraps that can be easily damaged or torn during the construction process, Sto Guard’s liquid application is seamless and durable.

Sto Corp.

Reader Service No. 317

Compact toilet

Ideal for space-conscious facilities, such as hotels, pressure-assist toilet features a compact pressure vessel engineered to install within the wall, thereby providing 6 to 9 inches of additional space. Its compact design doesn’t effect its performance &m> approximately 60 percent of water is discharged in excess of 20 gallons per minute, versus 10 percent for standard gravity toilets. The wall-hung elongated bowl adjusts from 15 to 19 inches high to meet ADA standards.

Geberit Manufacturing.

Reader Service No. 318

Uplifting experience

By utilizing a polymer batten strip and fasteners in the membrane overlap in conjunction with two continuous hot-air welds, Sarnafil Express roofing attachment system provides increased wind uplift performance for single-ply roofs, and without impacting installation costs. Double-welding reduces the potential for peeling seams, fastener pullout, loss of fastener load due to substrate damage or compression, and tearing of the membrane.


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Hand and crash rails

Acrovyn hand and crash rails are available in new profiles, colors and patterns.

C/S Group.

Reader Service No. 320

Out to dry

Providing defense against moisture intrusion in exterior insulation finish systems, Outsulation MD uses an acrylic elastomeric coating that acts as an air and water-resistant membrane beneath a grooved insulation board. Moreover, a track and vent drainage assembly works in tandem with the insulation to help facilitate the removal of incidental moisture from the system.

Dryvit Systems Inc.

Reader Service No. 321

Do it right

Specifying the right roofing system just got easier. Based on building details provided, including size, use and location, Roof Advisor software evaluates all major roofing technologies and ranks each. The top three systems are then recommended, with an explanation of why they are the best systems.

GAF Materials Corp.

Reader Service No. 322

Leaky roof

EP Metal Roof Retrofit system is designed for retrofitting standing-seam, flat-seam or corrugated metal roofs. Durable and lightweight, the roofing membrane system can be installed year-round and can achieve FM 1-90 windstorm classification rating.

Stevens Roofing.

Reader Service No. 323

Quiet roof deck

Achieve a high-tech appearance while minimizing noise with Epicore ER, Wideck or the Wideblend series roof deck ceiling systems.

Epic Metals Corp.

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