Must see: Artist pairs up Hollywood icons with famous modern architecture

Art collection features 17 iconic Hollywood personalities, from Marilyn Monroe to Michael Caine, interacting with famous 20th century homes. 

November 11, 2014 |

Federico Babina, known for his recent Archimusic series, has completed a new set of illustrations, called Archilife.

Combining 17 iconic Hollywood personalities with famous works of architecture, Babina has found another way to link pop culture to architecture and building design. He says he was inspired by architectural representations that simply showed the project itself, rather than the project when inhabited.

"I have never liked the lack of life in the architectural representations that are often aseptic, clean, and neutral," he explained to Dezeen. "The architecture is represented in a lonely estrangement from any disturbance of vision and all that belongs to our reality, it is cleaned and stripped of all context's traces. I often enjoy imagining what life would be like in these static images."

One fun fact about this collection: all of Babina's architectural representations include artwork inside the illustrated home. If you're wondering where these illustrations came from: they are miniatures of Babina's own Archiportraits series.

Check out the new collection below. All images created by and courtesy of Federico Babina.





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