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Durable coffeemaker brings a bit of comfort to job sites

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Durable coffeemaker brings a bit of comfort to job sites

The CoffeeBoxx is lightweight rust proof, dust proof, water resistant, and ultra durable.

By David Barista, Editorial Director | August 23, 2016

Perk up your construction teams with this rugged, battle-tested single-serve coffeemaker. The CoffeeBoxx is lightweight (11 lbs.), rust proof, dust proof, water resistant, and ultra durable. It’s survived being kicked across rugged terrain, run over with a 1,500-lb. truck, and even blown up. (Don’t believe us? See for yourself: http://tinyurl.com/CoffeeBoxx)

The 84.5-ounce, spill-proof water tank is the largest on the market and can brew up to 10 cups of coffee‚ÄĒeach in just 75 seconds. A separate hot water line allows users to steep tea or make oatmeal. A rubberized handle makes transport a snap, and stainless steel tie-downs keep the CoffeeBoxx in place. Works with all single-serve coffee pods.

It’s time to dump that hours-old thermos coffee for a freshly brewed cup of Joe!


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