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New California codes moving state toward net-zero requirements

Under the new Title 24, all new residential construction must be net zero by 2020, with all new commercial buildings achieving this goal by 2030.

November 25, 2013 |
Jim Young

Starting in 2014, California is implementing building code revisions to its Title 24 standards. These revised building codes will move California’s residential and commercial buildings toward net zero energy. Under Title 24, all new residential construction must be net zero by 2020, with all new commercial buildings achieving this goal by 2030.

Title 24 first focuses on reducing energy consumption through the integration of smart and energy efficient technologies. Later, developers will be required to install onsite renewable energy generation like solar panels. Title 24 will also apply to existing buildings that implement threshold-sized remodeling or repurposing construction projects.

In addition, California’s Governor Jerry Brown has issued an executive order for state agencies to achieve net zero for 50% of the square footage of existing state-owned buildings by 2025. Title 24 is also meant to grow the economies of scale for energy efficiency technologies in order to drive down their prices.


Jim Young | Net Zero Future

About the Author: A seasoned industry leader, Young combines deep understanding of both lighting and controls.  Currently VP of Sales and Marketing for WattStopper, Young formerly served in a series of senior positions with Acuity Brands®, most recently as Vice President and General Manager of the company's specialty lighting group.  He graduated from Sonoma State University with a degree in planning and energy management. 

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