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Augmented reality app provides step-by-step help for repairing equipment

The developers of Remote AR have discovered a new application for AR technology that could apply to all types of industries, including commercial buildings.

August 04, 2015 |
Augmented reality app provides step-by-step help for repairing equipment

Screenshot: RemoteAR

Ever guide someone through even the simplest computer issue over the phone? There's a good chance the experience didn't go well.

You can't see what the person is looking at. He or she can't understand what you're referencing. It could get really frustrating to even just guide someone through printing a document. Command 'P!' "What's that?"

A new augmented reality app is trying to make processes like this much easier. Core 77 found Remote AR, an app by Scope AR that connects users with off-site experts and allows them to see exactly what they are seeing through a smartphone or tablet camera.

Then, both the user and the expert can draw instructions and arrows onto the screen. 

This AR app can work very well for visual-based learners, and for tech users that are in a pinch when an IT worker is not around.

It also offers applications for the commercial buildings market. For example, product manufacturers and Building Teams can utilize the app to help guide facilities teams through the repair, maintenance, and setup procedures for building systems and equipment.

Check out the demo video of the Remote AR app below.


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