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Top building products for May 2024

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Top building products for May 2024

FAZR linear acoustic ceiling solution, TensoSky ETFE film cladding, and 10mm textured EcoGlass are some of the top building products featured this month.

By BD+C Staff | May 31, 2024
Top building products for May 2024
Top building products for May 2024

Building Design+Construction editors bring you the top building products for the month of May. Collected across a variety of building sectors, these products block solar heat, seamlessly seal, and advance ambitious energy plans.

From Solarban 65 glass to FLEXMIRROR, here are 15 products being used in the industry today.

May 2024 Top 15 Building Products

Solarban 65 glass

by Vitro Architectural Glass

Solarban 65 glass building product
Photo courtesy Vitro Architectural Glass

A modernization of the Solarban 60 glass, the Solarban 65 glass blocks 65% of solar heat energy while allowing 70% of visible light to pass through in a standard 1-inch insulating glass unit. The low-E glass also achieves a 0.29 winter nighttime U-value, demonstrating the high-level insulating characteristics of the glass. Maintaining a crisp, clear, color-neutral aesthetic, it can be coated on clear glass, Acuity low-iron glass, Starphire Ultra-Clear low-iron glass, and Sungate ThermL glass.

StoPanel Metal ci and Backup panels

by StoPanel

StoPanel building
Photo courtesy MKB Construction

As the gateway to the Arizona State University’s Tempe Campus, this Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building serves as a flagship study for sustainability and planetary health. That in addition to its proximity to two of the city’s busiest streets and an active light rail line and a limited eight feet of space available from the building’s façade necessitated the selection of prefabricated exterior wall panels that delivered on many fronts, which is how the team selected Sto Backup and StoPanel Metal ci panels. The StoPanel Backup panels became the main chassis for the exterior wall assembly, delivering an efficient method for enclosing the building. Within the courtyard, prefabricated panels with custom designed insulated metal panels applied in the factory were included.

Telestar CD Engineered Container Door

by Tell Manufacturing

Shipping container door building product
Photo courtesy Tell Manufacturing

Specificially designed for shipping container buildings that can be used as offices, equipment storage and commercial spaces, the Telestar CD Engineered Container Door is an all-in-one, pre-assembled door/frame combination. Made from 20-gauge galvannealed steel and 16-gauge frame, the door/frame combination is manufactured with a polystyrene core and an outer frame ready to weld in two simple steps. Aiming to minimize required labor and deliver efficiency, the pre-assembled door is available via custom orders. 

TYPAR Heavy-Duty Sealant

by TYPAR Weather Protection System

TYPAR Heavy-Duty Sealant building product
Photo courtesy TYPAR

Expanding its weather protection system portfolio, the Heavy-Duty Sealant provides versatility and superior adhesion for doors, windows and seams in any type of project, including multifamily, commercial and residential applications. Its modified urethane acrylic composition achieves several performance characteristics, like gunnability down to 40 F, fully curing within 48-72 hours with 60 minutes tack-free time and low VOC at less than 1.5% to meet all U.S. state VOC requirements. The sealant is an approved alternative on seaming applications with TYPAR DrainableWrap and DrainableWrap Commercial.

Zurn Siphonic Roof Drains

by Zurn Elkay Water Solutions

Zurn Siphonic Roof Drain building product
Photo courtesy Zurn Elkay Water Solutions

Zurn Siphonic Roof Drains target efficiencies in commercial construction with integrated deck plates that cut installation time and more usable building space due to its no-slope, horizontal piping system. Because the siphonic drains use horizontal piping, they can run right below the roof, and smaller pipe diameters are utilized, resulting in lower building costs. The line includes a primary roof drain (Z130S) and overflow roof drain (Z131S), which deliver near silent operation when under full bore flow conditions—as little as 2 inches of water depth from the roof surface—plus higher flow velocities make the system self-cleaning. 

Sonar acoustic stone wool ceiling panels

by Rockfon, part of ROCKWOOL Group

Sonar acoustic stone wool ceiling panels building product
Five Guys International Headquarters | Arlington, Va. | 37,000 sf | Office fit-out
Photo © A.E. Landes Photography, courtesy Rockfon

The new headquarters for Five Guys International on the fifth floor of a Class A office building honors the family-owned company’s origin, incorporates their brand identity colors and supports employees’ productivity with the incorporation of Rockfon stone wool and metal ceiling systems that deliver high sound absorption support. In addition to acoustic comfort, the Rockfon Sonar acoustic stone wool ceiling panels and Rockfon Color-all products—incorporated in bright white and charcoal colors, respectively, in enclosed meeting rooms and offices—are UL GREENGUARD Gold certified for office and educational environments. Additionally, the Rockfon Cubegrid Open Plenum metal ceiling system and Chicago Metallic 4000 Tempra 9/16-inch ceiling suspension system designs incorporate lighting and other acoustic baffle elements. All of the ceiling tiles installed have a square tegular narrow edge that minimizes the ceiling suspension system’s visible grid lines while adding depth and texture to the ceiling plane.

10mm textured EcoGlass

by Bendheim

V2 EcoGlass picture building product
Photo courtesy Bendheim

Containing 40-50% recycled glass, the line of 10mm textured EcoGlass provides an environmentally-friendly architectural glass that is manufactured utilizing strict environmental requirements. Available in 10 textures that offer varying degrees of privacy, the glass can be supplied in combination with custom color interlayers, color coatings or digital printing for decorative façades, interior feature walls, partitions, backsplashes, and framed or frameless shower enclosures. The 10mm-thick glass can also be tempered to eliminate the need for more lamination and can install easily with the Z-KISS and TurnKey fastening systems.

FAZR linear acoustic ceiling solution

by Fräsch, a Catalyst Acoustics Group company

Fräsch website screenshot FAZR
Photo courtesy Fräsch

Inspired by the linear appearance of phasers from classic works of science fiction, FAZR mimics the linear metal ceiling look but with the benefits of acoustical PET felt in 9mm dovetail channels. Available in two channel widths—a 6-inch slat with 2-inch filler or 10-inch slat with 4-inch filler—and either a flush filler or recessed filler reveal, the PET flats lock into the double-hooked Rockfon Symmetrical carrier system for stable, secure and impact-proof ceiling coverage that is ideal for large-scale applications, like offices, transit facilities, lobbies, retail spaces and more. Because the individual slats are removable, field cuts can be made around ceiling obstacles, such as sprinklers, vents. Lights and audio components using off-the-shelf tools.

Mid-Atlantic Timberframes cross-laminated timber panels

by Mid-Atlantic Timberframes

Swarthmore College timberframes
Dining and Community Commons, Swarthmore College | Swarthmore, Pa. | 71,500 sf | Education
Photo courtesy Mid-Atlantic Timberframes

One of the first construction projects to align with Swarthmore College’s “To Zero by Thirty-Five” ambitious energy plan, the revitalization of Sharples Dining Hall, now the Dining and Community Commons, had three guiding principles: community building, inclusivity, and sustainability. In addition to reimagining the social and dining experiences within the facility, the design team looked to Mid-Atlantic Timberframes for a structural solution that aligned with the project’s sustainability goals while supporting the creation of wide-open gathering spaces. The result was the incorporation of a 48-foot-span glulum truss that supports the shed dormer, glulum columns on a 24- by 32-foot grid topped with large glulum purlins, all in support of curved rafters on 16-foot centers that open up with dining space. Cross-laminated timber panels up to 48-feet long and glulam posts and beams are used to frame second level finished floor space, and the roof’s curvature is achieved with laminated deck boards up to 32-feet long.

Speakman Neo Exhilaration filtered handheld showerhead

by Speakman

Speakman Neo Exhilaration filtered handheld showerhead
Photo courtesy Speakman

Made to remove bacteria and chemicals out of shower water, the Speakman Neo Exhilaration filtered handheld showerhead maintains a light design while offering health benefits associated with showering with pure, clean water. Available in polished chrome with flow rates of 1.75 or 2.0 gallons per minute, the filtered handheld has a corrosion-resistant finish, pause control and four distinct spray functions: Reaction spray with turbine impellers, satin spray, massage and rain settings. Part of a full line of commercial-grade bath and shower products for the residential, commercial and hospitality markets, the Neo Exhilaration collection carries a lifetime limited finish warranty. 

FLEXMIRROR distortion-free mirror foil


Photo courtesy FLEXMIRROR

A cost-effective and low-profile alternative to glass, FLEXMIRROR expands into the commercial market with its reflective products. The versatile, highly transparent and distortion-free mirror foil is neither glass nor metal, and because of this, is approximately 92% more lightweight than a 5mm glass mirror. Each mirrored piece is manufactured to a customer’s specifications for any shape and size, plus any on-site cutouts for sprinklers, lighting, HVAC and other integrated building systems can be accommodated. A concealed hollow-core, aluminum frame construction allows for invisible fastening and large-scale mirrored areas to be achieved with virtually no visible subdivision or seaming.

Armstrong Flooring MedinPure

by AHF Products

Armstrong Flooring MedinPure
Photo courtesy AHF Products

Available in 20 colors that aim to foster a sense of serenity, wellbeing and calm, Armstrong Flooring MedinPure with Diamond 10 Technology is engineered for spaces that demand superior infection control, like high-traffic healthcare and educational settings, while also delivering an environmentally-conscious flooring option. The homogeneous vinyl flooring sheet has a through-pattern construction that resists scratches, abrasions and scuffs, while the Diamond 10 Technology adds a no-polish, low-maintenance solution with enhanced traction. It includes a 10-year Limited Commercial Warranty.

TensoSky ETFE film cladding system

by Birdair, Inc.

John F. Kennedy Internation Airport’s New Terminal One
John F. Kennedy Internation Airport’s New Terminal One | New York City, N.Y. | Airport
Photo courtesy Birdair

Sustainably designed and future focused, a new international airport terminal will feature expansive, naturally lit public spaces; cutting-edge technology; and an array of amenities, all designed to enhance visitors’ experience, and the TensoSky ETFE film cladding system will assist. Approximately 300,000 sf of the single-layer ETFE film will be installed at the terminal’s Arrival and Departures canopies. Durable and lightweight compared to glass structures, the ETFE cladding system delivers 90-95% transparency yet does not degrade under exposure to environmental pollution, UV light, harsh chemicals or extreme temperature variations. Dust and dirt will not stick to the film due to its low surface coefficient of friction, and it has approximately 70% acoustic transmission. The canopies are expected to be completed by March 2025; the entire project is slated for completion in 2030.

Pro-Tech Flood Barrier system

by Crawford-Tracey Corporation

Crawford-Tracey Corporation flood barrier system
Photo courtesy Crawford-Tracey Corporation

As natural hazards such as high wind pressures, wind-borne debris impact and flooding continue to be a leading cause of commercial and industrial damage worldwide, the Pro-Tech Flood Barrier system—including the Pro-Tech 7 SG FB and Pro-Tech 9SG FB—was developed to meet increasing demand for property protection and evolving building code requirements. The unitized, structurally glazed curtainwall and storefront system has a water-resistant rating of 100 PSF and is tested and approved by FM Approvals per the ANSI/FM 2510 testing standard as a flood rated passive glazing system for opening barrier applications. Under these testing parameters, Pro-Tech 7SG FB, a structurally glazed 7-inch profile curtainwall and storefront system, was rated to resist four feet of water, while the Pro-Tech 9SG FB system’s 9-inch profile was tested and rated to resist seven feet of water.  

​​​​​​​Durat Plus

by Durat and CaraGreen

Photo courtesy Durat

​​​​​​​Durat Plus combines recycled solid surface material and recycled resin to create a commercially available solid surface material that contains up to 80% recycled materials. This line is the result of the company’s in-house material development effort to improve the circular economy and reduce its climate impact. While the resin is made from recycled PET plastic, any manufacturer’s recycled solid surface can be used as raw material. The surface material has a distinctive appearance, and the line launches with Durat Plus white which has a fairly uniform overall appearance and a subtle texture.


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