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Top building products for April 2024

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Top building products for April 2024

CONTRAFLAM One fire-resistive glass, the ZipDoor Magnetic door kit, and smart Phenolic Lockers are some of the top building products featured this month.

By BD+C Staff | April 30, 2024
Top building products for April collage
Top building products for April 2024

Building Design+Construction editors bring you the top building products for the month of April. Collected across a variety of building sectors, these products offer fire resistance, convenience for consumers, and life protection.

From privacy glass to thermal insulated sheathing, here are 15 products being used in the industry today.

April 2024 Top 15 Building Products


CLiC On-demand Privacy Glass

by Kolbe Windows & Doors

CLiC On-demand Privacy Glass door
Photo © Peter VonDeLinde, courtesy Kolbe Windows & Doors

A partnership between Kolbe Windows & Doors and Cardinal Glass Industries integrates CLiC On-demand Privacy Glass into a selection of venting and stationary windows as well as swing doors. This glass technology switches glass from obscured to transparent when activated and can deliver responsive privacy in a variety of applications and environments. Single or multiple windows and doors can be controlled through standard light switches, touch panels or home automation systems. This switchable glass option is available for VistaLuxe WD LINE direct sets; Ultra Series casements, awnings, direct sets and swinging doors; and Forgent Series All Glastra casements, awnings and direct sets.

Emulate Architectural Metal Coatings collection

by Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings

Metal Burnished Bronze SWCC Rendering
Rendering courtesy Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings

Deriving inspiration from mimicking the beauty of nature, the Emulate Architectural Metal Coatings collection offers a fresh take on the new natural across specific collections for wood, stone and metal. The printed metal coatings use a solid base coat and layers of ink that can be created with unique patterns and multi-layer effects, then application with an impression roller delivers the desired look of nature to the metal substrate. Achieving a natural look without the weight, maintenance, expense or environmental impact of using the actual materials, the collection includes 30 total colorways that will stand up to extreme weather, dirt, stains and chemicals while maintaining a consistent appearance.

PPG paints, coatings, and speciality materials

by PPG

Allegiant Stadium Exterior - Day
Allegiant Stadium | Las Vegas, Nev. | 1.8 million sf | Entertainment venue
Photo courtesy PPG

The construction of Allegiant Stadium came with some formidable challenges, not least of which its 1.8 million-sf size and setting in the searing Las Vegas sun. Delivering solutions that balanced the need for high-end aesthetics fitting of its location with durable, long-lasting protection for interior, exterior, and structural steel surfaces, PPG paints, coatings, and speciality materials played a key role in the facility’s design and construction. Advanced coatings infused with infrared reflective pigments help to cool the climate-controlled building with less energy due to the higher degree of total solar reflective (TSR) value while also reducing corrosion, warping, thermal expansion and polymer degradation. The stadium’s black and silver glittering curtainwall are achieved using PPG DURANAR XL coatings, a four-layer coating system that will retain its vivid colors even after decades of sun exposure.

KEE-STONE HP thermoplastic roofing membranes

by The Garland Company

Photo courtesy The Garland Company

An expansion to the KEE-Stone family of thermoplastic roofing membranes, KEE-STONE HP incorporates high-quality ketone ethylene ester, Elvaloy HP, for advanced flexibility, strength, and chemical and UV resistance. Meeting and exceeding the ASTM D6754 certification, the fleece-backed thermoplastic membrane is designed as the cap sheet in a multi-ply hybrid system that incorporates modified bitumen base sheets, while the HP Elvaloy functions as polymer plasticizer that remains locked in the membrane even with harsh environmental exposure. Additionally, the membrane contains a novel blend of fire retardants, which achieve a 3:12 Class A fire rating for a non-combustible deck and a 2:12 Class A rating for a combustible deck in a hybrid assembly.

CONTRAFLAM One fire-resistive glass

by Vetrotech Saint-Gobain

CONTRAFLAM One fire-resistive glass
Photo courtesy Vetrotech Saint-Gobain

Being produced at a new state-of-the-art facility in Faribault, Minnesota, that centralizes the company in North America and further improves on lead times, CONTRAFLAM One fire-resistive glass features a single chamber foaming interlayer for all fire-resistance ratings, called HYBRIDCORE Technology. This advancement allows the glass to be clearer, lighter and more sustainable. It has a tolerance for temperatures ranging from -40F to 140F and achieves a visible light transmittance as high as 90%. VDS Fire Rated Framing Systems suit the glass’ core configurations and are also produced at the new facility.

ZipDoor Magnetic door kit

by ZipWall

ZipDoor Magnetic door kit
Photo courtesy ZipWall

Selected as a 2024 Retailers’ Choice Award winner, the ZipDoor Magnetic door kit can quickly and easily seal a doorway up to 46- by 86-inches or create a self-closing entry in a plastic barrier, making it ideal for residential and commercial remodeling dust protection. Made of high-tech fabric impervious to dust, the reusable, self-closing magnetic door installs simply using ZipWall double-side tape that is specifically designed not to damage a doorframe. Powerful magnets ensure the door self-closes and maintains a tight seal while providing easy access to the work area. 

Infinity Drain commercial elevator drains

by Infinity Drain

infinity drain commercial elevator drains
Photo courtesy Infinity Drain

To prevent water from entering elevator shafts in the event of a fire and the sprinkler system being triggered, a line of commercial elevator drains keep the pathway clear for fire safety professionals while evacuating water at 100 gallons per minute (GPM). Available in 36-, 42- and 48-inch kits, the elevator drains come in two finish options and include removable grates for accessible cleaning and maintenance. In addition to meeting ADA and heel-proof requirements, the commercial drains comply with SFFC Code, Section 511.1 for a 100 GPM flow rate.

Solarban R100 Solarblue glass

by Vitro Architectural Glass

Brown & Browns Headquarters | Daytona Beach, Florida
Brown & Browns Headquarters | Daytona Beach, Fla | 200,000 sf | Office building
Photo courtesy Vitro Architectural Glass

Helping to support the rebirth of downtown Daytona Beach, Florida, in the aftermath of flooding caused by 2017’s Hurricane Irma, a large insurance brokerage firm located its new 11-story headquarters where demolished buildings and abandoned parking lots stood. The mid-rise has a blue and silver boxed façade brought to life with large units of Solarban R100 Solarblue glass in a range of heights within multi-span and high-span curtainwall units that deliver unobstructed views of the Halifax River. For the project architects, the glass’ thermal properties and light sky blue hue that blends so well with the clear anodized metal panels and louvers struck deliver on all fronts. In a 1-inch, clear insulating glass unit, this glass achieves a visible light transmittance of 50% and a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.49.

Low embodied carbon steel framing products

by ClarkDietrich

Photo courtesy ClarkDietrich

To further aid architects and engineers in designing sustainable buildings, a line of low embodied carbon (LEC) steel framing products offers the ProSTUD metal drywall framing system, structural steel, clips and connectors, floor framing and more. The manufacturing process for the LEC cold-formed steel results in products with 30% less embodied carbon than its standard counterparts. As another example of the company’s commitment to sustainability, this portfolio serves as an innovative solution for projects where embodied carbon reduction is a goal and is certified by an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) providing transparency into the manufacturing and supply chain.

Smart Phenolic Lockers

by Bradley

Phenolic-Lockers Graphite-Nebula
Photo courtesy Bradley

Available in a multitude of models, colors and configurations, Phenolic Lockers stand up well to wet environments, heavy use and tough conditions, making them suitable for applications like athletic facilities, aquatic centers, healthcare environments, spas and industrial applications. Durable, waterproof, and resistant to moisture and corrosion with a smooth, nonporous finish, the lockers are GreenGuard certified as a low-emitting material as well as hygienic and easy to clean. Concealed hinges provide a clean, modern style plus a 90-degree arm limit to prevent locker doors from swinging too far and obstructing another user. 

Spruce and Tidy waste receptacles

by DeskMakers

Deskmakers Spruce Duo, Casters
Photo courtesy DeskMakers

As a launch into the waste and recycling category, Spruce and Tidy provide design-forward receptacle solutions that maximize space efficiency. All offerings come with designed-to-fit trash bins and are ADA-compliant. With a versatility that suits various space requirements within office settings, public spaces and beyond, Spruce caters to the diverse needs of waste management and recycling while a range of size options epitomize style and functionality. Tidy prioritizes convenience while maintaining a sleek appearance and slender profile allow it to integrate into hallways and narrow spaces without obstructing pathways.

PAC-CLAD Snap-Clad roofing panels

by PAC-CLAD Petersen, a Carlisle company

PAC-CLAD Snap-Clad roofing panels
C’est la Sea | St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands | Real estate
Photo © Steve Simonsen Photography, courtesy PAC-CLAD

When converting a vacation villa from an eyesore into a landmark, the owners turned to PAC-CLAD Snap-Clad roofing panels when making the selection for its roof repair and expansion to enclose and roof over the adjacent pool area. To achieve the new roof design plan, a great deal of factory pre-cutting to create the pagoda-style layers of slopes and cupolas took place. The selection of the Interstate Blue color for the metal roofing panels meets the owners’ preference for bold colors while helping the vacation home stand out.

LP NovaCore Thermal Insulated Sheathing line

by LP Building Solutions

LP NovaCore Thermal Insulated Sheathing
Photo courtesy LP Building Solutions

To empower builders to meet diverse national building codes and certifications, the LP NovaCore Thermal Insulated Sheathing line expands with two additional thickness options, R3 and R7. Featuring Owens Corning FOAMULAR NGX XPS foam, these panels can strengthen a structure’s thermal resistance, help shield against fluctuating temperatures and aid in lowering energy costs. The sheathing is now available in three foam thickness options—½-inch foam (R3), 1-inch foam (R5) and 1½-inch foam (R7)—and utilizes standard 2x4 spacing to seamlessly integrate into projects without needing extensive framing adjustments.

AFL-601 Wind-Driven Rain FEMA Louver

by Greenheck

AFL-601 Wind-Driven Rain FEMA Louver
Photo courtesy Greenheck

The addition of the model AFL-601 to the line of FEMA 361 tornado louvers marks the first wind-driven rain FEMA louver to be listed for AMCA 550 High-Velocity Wind-Driven Rain. Additionally, it is a UL Classified Wind-Storm Rated Assembly, passing the ICC 500 test standards for both structural and debris impact criteria, making it ideal for FEMA tornado safe rooms, storm shelters or any location where protection against wind-driven rain is needed. Constructed of extruded aluminum with a 6-inch frame depth, the louver’s dual module design incorporates front chevron blades with rear vertical rain-resistant blades for superior weather resistance.

Edge Affinity Plus glass doors

by PurOptima

Edge Affinity Plus framed pivoting glass door
Photo courtesy PurOptima

Offering an alternative solution for interior wall installation in the U.S. market, the Edge Affinity Plus framed pivoting glass door includes head-mounted and concealed door closure mechanisms. Due to high-quality perimeter seals, the interior door achieves a weighted Sound Transmission Class (STC) of 40 with a single glazing while a double glazing elevates to a STC 44. Available in single or paired configurations, the door integrates Hydro CIRCAL aluminum—the company’s recycled aluminum with low embodied carbon—and works to source the glass from American fabricators to ensure local fabrication.


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