Certification of Integrated Fire and Life-Safety Services as Anti-Terrorism Technologies Provides Liability Protections to Customers, Helps Protect the Nation’s Citizens and Assets

December 12, 2008 |

– SimplexGrinnell has passed the rigorous review of the US Department of Homeland Security to earn certification for its security, fire and life-safety systems integration services under the SAFETY Act – a key federal law that encourages the creation and sale of anti-terror products and services to help protect the nation’s citizens.

 The designation and certification of SimplexGrinnell’s security, fire and life-safety systems integration services under the SAFETY Act provides important liability protections to the company and its customers in the event of an act of terrorism at a site where the approved technologies have been deployed.

 “SimplexGrinnell is proud to bring the benefits of SAFETY Act certification to our customers,” says Tom Giannini, CPP, Director of Security and Emergency Communications Marketing.  “We believe strongly in the underlying principles of the Act and share the Department of Homeland Security’s commitment to the safety of our country, our citizens and our critical assets through the application of advanced anti-terrorism technologies.”

 The security, fire and life-safety system integration services that SimplexGrinnell can deliver under the SAFETY Act certification include its full array of fire alarm, fire sprinkler, fire suppression, integrated security, emergency communications and special hazards systems and services.  The SimplexGrinnell life-safety portfolio ranges from enterprise-wide, networked solutions to testing, inspection, maintenance, repair and central monitoring services.

Pinpointing Critical Infrastructure Industries

 According to Giannini, the SAFETY Act certification is particularly relevant for owners, senior leaders and facility executives in critical infrastructure industries such as government, commercial real estate, sporting venues, utilities, transportation, healthcare, education and financial services.  “SimplexGrinnell has a wealth of experience in delivering solutions that help customers protect life and property in mission-critical operations,” Giannini said.  “The SAFETY Act certification strengthens our ability to meet critical needs in these vital industries.”

 SimplexGrinnell’s certification comes as the Homeland Security & Defense Business Council releases a new report – “Why Robust Use of the SAFETY Act is Critical to Homeland Security & How to Get There.” The full Council report is available at:

 “In order to achieve a strong, robust market of anti-terror technologies, the federal government, state and local governments, private industry and the nation at large all have a stake in widespread utilization of the SAFETY Act,” said Marc Pearl, President and CEO of the Homeland Security & Defense Business Council, commenting on the release of the report.  “Companies that seek SAFETY Act certification are working in the best interest of their customers, their shareholders and the industry at large.”

 Passed by Congress as part of the Homeland Security Act of 2002, the SAFETY (Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies) Act provides incentives for the development and deployment of anti-terrorism technologies for homeland security.  The Act helps ensure that the threat of liability does not deter the development of technologies that could significantly reduce the risks and effects of a terrorist act.  To achieve SAFETY Act protection, a company must demonstrate that its products or services can in some way deter, defend against, identify, respond to, or mitigate an act of terrorism.

About SimplexGrinnell

SimplexGrinnell, a Tyco International company, provides a comprehensive array of fire alarm, fire sprinkler, fire suppression, integrated security, communications and nurse call systems and services. With one million customers, 150 local offices, and over 200 years of history in the fire business, SimplexGrinnell is the leader in fire and life safety. For additional information or to locate the nearest SimplexGrinnell district office, visit

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