The Professional's Choice: Vulkem 360/351NF

Vulkem 360/351 NF

September 01, 2005 |

Although this deck-coating system is intended primarily for waterproofing mechanical rooms, Shawmut has discovered it is also an excellent waterproofer for restaurant kitchens, bathrooms, and bars that have to undergo daily chemical-based power washings. It can be used in warm or cold climates. When used with additives, Vulkem 360/351NF can be applied over a two-day period and flood tested early on the third day, after which tile can be applied on top of it.

Why Chett Walsh uses Vulkem

"Typical waterproofing sealants for restaurants will last only 1–3 years. With Vulkem 360/351 NF, the system can significantly extend the waterproofing life cycle, when treated properly." Walsh says he has used the product to waterproof kitchens, bars, and bathrooms at a number of restaurant clients, including California Pizza Kitchen and The Cheesecake Factory.

Chett Walsh also recommends:


  • Sikadur 32, High-Mod. This multipurpose epoxy mortar works on transitional surfaces. It is particularly well-suited for fast-track schedules or last-minute changes because it cures in 24 hours, says Walsh.

  • Waterstop Hydraulic Cement. Convenient for setting drain bodies and securing sleeves in concrete floor penetrations, it also serves as an extra waterproofing element. Curing time is five days before any waterproofing membranes can successfully be applied.

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