June 01, 2001 |

Claims for products described editorially on this and other pages are taken from statements of product manufacturers.

A shade apart

Motorized shading system features a quiet motor and built-in controls that can be integrated with other automation systems. Ideal for presentation rooms and hospitality spaces. Digital technology allows precise alignment and movement of multiple shades.


Reader Service No. 231

Daydreaming made easy with heavy-duty windows

Beebe School in Malden, Mass., employs heavy-duty projected windows offered in casement and top-hinge inswing as well as fixed versions. A thermal barrier is incorporated into the product's frame and sash.

Efco Corp.

Reader Service No. 234

Window council really rates

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) administers an independent, uniform rating and labeling system for the energy performance of windows, doors, curtain wall and skylights. A site-built procedure — NFRC 100-SB — for fenestration products in commercial applications has been written into a number of state energy codes. It provides a standardized method for determining thermal performance, using such measurements as U-factor, solar heat-gain coefficient and visible transmittance of field-glazed or field-assembled products.


Reader Service No. 202

Metallica revisited

A line of metal-coated windows offers metal finishes in bronze, copper, nickel and brass.

Simonton Windows.

R.S. No. 220

Windows to the world

Despite harsh Minnesota winters, a bicycle shop owner sought an outdoor atmosphere indoors by using large glazed areas. The architect specified operable windows to also deliver fresh air. While the shop owner forecast heating bills of about $1,000 per month, the windows and a radiant heat system resulted in expenses of about $200, in part because of reduced solar heat gain.

Andersen Commercial.

R.S. No. 204

Taping session

Spacer tape is designed to replace urethane and traditional cork for fenestration and structural curtain wall. The spacer tape is available in two densities and a number of thicknesses and widths.

Gaska Tape Inc.

Reader Service No. 227

Commercial focus

A CD-ROM highlights window maker's commercial capabilities and links to the manufacturer's Web sites.

Marvin Windows and Doors.

Reader Service No. 228

Window treatment IQ

A shade-alignment system, the IQ/MLC is a controller for standard motors in a point-to-point hardwired system. Three default alignment positions and up to five levels of switching control are offered. Shade stops can be preselected.

MechoShade Systems.

Reader Service No. 217

Designing windows

Designed for use with curtain wall, windows meet standards for air infiltration, water resistance, uniform load deflection after life cycle and forced-entry resistance.

Major Industries.

R.S. No. 218

Energy revival in middle America

A middle school in Worthington, Ohio, realized a 37 percent decrease in natural gas consumption in the year after it installed double-glazed windows. In addition to allowing room for blinds, shades or muntin bars under glass, the system provides sound-reduction benefits. Aluminum-clad, double-hung wood windows with transoms were used to replicate the original double-hungs.

Pella Corp.

Reader Service No. 203

Mimicking casements

Aluminum-clad slide-by windows in a choice of 10 colors mimic the look of casement windows at Clarke College, Dubuque, Iowa. The low-emissivity insulating glass blocks up to 84 percent of ultraviolet rays. Wood members are water-repellent, thanks to manufacturing process including kiln drying and preservative treatment. The windows feature operable sliding sashes or fixed sashes within weather-tight frames. With no projecting parts, they conserve floor space and are suitable for pass-throughs, walkways, basements or multistory buildings.

Eagle Window & Door.

R.S. No. 212

Film star

In the past, when temperatures reached into the high 90s at Dulles International Airport Main Terminal, Washington, D.C., heat gain and glare made passengers suffer. Application of window film has diminished heat gain by 49 percent and glare by 63 percent.


Reader Service No. 214

Prismatically speaking

A precisely chiseled pattern in rolled glass prismatically bends light and images with a deep, V-cut surface. Other patterns include: engraved herringbone, lozenge shapes and finely scribed mesh. The glass can be tempered, laminated, mirrored or bent and is suitable in insulated units. KPMG's headquarters in Chicago features a recent application.


Reader Service No. 219

Sound judgment

The clatter, clank and rumble of elevated trains in Chicago's Loop created a special challenge for a nearby 22-story office building, so acoustical windows were installed on the first seven floors as part of an $80 million renovation project. With a 38 STC rating for sound transmission, the 11/2-in.-glazed, green-tinted, aluminum windows significantly reduce the penetration of both train and street noise.

Graham Architectural Products.

Reader Service No. 236

Withstanding abuse

St. Louis Psychiatric Center in Missouri required aesthetically inviting windows that could withstand up to 1,500 pounds per square foot of impact. A custom 6-in.-deep system with a hidden ventilator on the exterior and modified high-performance security glass on the interior filled the bill. The glazing material comprises used a five-ply, glass-clad polycarbonate attached to sashes with 3/16-in.-thick, mechanically fastened, continuous glazing beads.

Tamper-proof locks prevent unwanted access to venetian blinds and ventilators, as they actually are sealed between the panes of glass.

Wausau Window and Wall Systems.

Reader Service No. 230

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