Standing-seam solar roof

March 01, 2009 |



Roof system integrates photovoltaic technology with the durability of a standing-seam roof system. Thin-film solar laminate is fused to the surface of the metal panel substrate to create a lightweight, durable roof system. PAC Solar Series can be installed on any project where PAC standing-seam panels are specified.

Applications: Commercial, institutional, and residential buildings

Availability: Nationwide

Cost: Based on the project specifics. Petersen can provide engineering analysis to determine the size of the system required, capital expenses estimated, and the years it will take for a return on investment (average payback: 10 years)

Contents: High light-transmissive polymer with silicon solar cells; standing-seam metal roof panels

Options/Sizes: 3 kW to 120 kW systems

Environmental attributes: May contribute toward LEED credits

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