Security/Fire Protection

September 01, 2002 |

Fire sensor

Smoke detector uses the latest microprocessor technology and enhanced algorithms to sense smoke. The XP95-M Multi-Sensor includes both photoelectric and thermal sensing elements, which digitally transmit not only its address to the fire alarm control panel, but also combined data consisting of an analog value from both the photoelectric chamber and the thermal element for analysis, resulting in false alarm reduction.

Gamewell Worldwide.

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Sealed tight

Fire-rated sealant and smoke seal for construction joints and through-penetrations. Metacaulk MC 150+ is a water-based, non-sag, caulking-grade sealant that prevents the spread of flames and smoke, through joint openings.


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Rising smoke

Multicriteria technology smoke detector can scan 10 devices at one time and constantly monitors its environment for temperature, smoke, electrical noise and air particulate levels, significantly improving response time. Acclimate Plus can report an alarm within one second, and its dual bi-color LEDs flash green when normal and steady red on alarm.


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Scenes from the hall

Security unitized camera is in the shape of a dome and has a programmable scene memory and image hold to provide advanced operation for a wide range of applications. The WV-CS564 is designed to "talk" to other manufacturers' switchers, making it ideal for new installations and as a replacement dome camera in virtually any existing system. Additional performance features include backlight compensation, digital image hold during preset movements and surge protection for video, data, alarm and power.


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Rest assured

In an effort to provide emergency call capabilities and state-of-the-art fire detection services to their elderly clients, Belmont Village Adult Living Communities, Houston, installed the EST3 Life Safety Platform as their primary control system. At the facility's main entrance, an annunciator displays core building fire alarm activity to assist the responding fire service, while an additional annunciator located in the administration area displays security points and system trouble conditions. In addition, EST3 monitors security points, sprinkler water flow and tamper switches, duct detectors, corridor smoke detectors and manual fire alarm stations.

Edwards Systems Technology.

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Emergency sight

Emergency lighting for commercial, industrial, retail and school facility applications is UV-stable and flame-rated. The mcPhilben CT Series lighting system has external, square-style lamp heads with a track system for a full range of adjustment. To ensure a long performance life, the unit utilizes a sealed, maintenance-free, six-volt, lead calcium battery with a life expectancy of 10 years and operates on a solid-state, voltage-regulated charging circuit, which maximizes the life of the battery and offers low-voltage disconnect.

Day-Brite Lighting.

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Watch us

Discreet security cameras have durable housings that blend into the environment and stand up to the harshest conditions. The Ultra Rugged Line features hardy, weatherproof die-cast aluminum or stainless-steel housing, strong impact- and vandal-resistant windows/domes, and tamper-proof screws.

GE Interlogix.

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Stop, drop and roll

High-temperature insulation blanket, designed for use in many commercial and industrial passive fire protection applications, provides one- and two-hour fire ratings around ducts. FlameChek Duct Insulation consists of a glass fiber blanket that is completely encapsulated in a fiber glass-reinforced foil facing.


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Safe and secure

A security system, which is a combination burglary/commercial fire monitoring system, has accessory modules and a complete range of hardwired, wireless and addressable devices. The Power864CF features eight partitions, standard programmable hardwired zones and up to 32 wireless zones.


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Feel the heat

Fire sensor uses the latest advances in software to continuously sample the air in the environment and adjusts its detection threshold accordingly. It does this automatically without user intervention. The MCS-Acclimate incorporates both thermal and photoelectric technologies that interact to maximize detection.

Fire Control Instruments.

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Locked in

Electronic cylindrical lockset can store up to 100 codes and allows administrators to easily add or delete users in seconds. Until the Cobra receives an authorized code, the clutching lever won't budge, discouraging vandals from breaking in. It operates on AA alkaline batteries, which provide 80,000-plus cycles or three years of life.


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Rescue me

Rescue assistance system is an interactive communication system between the caller and emergency response personnel, which ensures that the exact location of the caller is immediately recognized for safe evacuation. This ADA-compliant system is used in schools, hospitals and office buildings to enable those with disabilities to request assistance in the event of an emergency. The Pro-Alert 450 is available in audio-visual and tone-visual versions.

Jeron Electronic Systems Inc.

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All in one

Facility communications system combines paging, employee notification, background music and emergency voice evacuation into one system. The Safepath allows management to alert customers to possible emergency situations through voice announcements.

Wheelock Inc.

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