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Roll the dice

In order to create a look different from that of the neighboring casinos, the Pala Indian Reservation in Pala, Calif., used more than 27,000 sq. ft. of distinctive barrel roofing. The Copper Penny Metallic finish Snap-On Panels were used over the front and bus entrances as well over a walkway cover to the parking garage of the facility.

Petersen Aluminum.

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Building over building

Beauregard Electric Cooperative of Deridder, La., updated its 50-year-old facility by putting a new pre-engineered building over the existing structure. The roof was completed with polyurethane insulated roof panels. The CFR-42 metal composite, foam panels were chosen because of their energy efficiency and ability to prevent leaks. The panels are attached to the structure with clips and fasteners concealed in the side joint to ensure maximum watertightness.


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Wash out

Classic Drycleaners and Laundromat in Carlisle, Pa., repaired its 39-year-old single-ply membrane roof with Sure-Seal Acrylic Coatings, a water-based, high-solids elastomeric coating that provides a seamless, waterproof membrane over an existing EPDM substrate. It is available in gray, white and other custom colors. Classic Drycleaners now has a highly reflective surface and roof system redundancy.

Carlisle SynTec Inc.

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Still going strong

Insulated low-slope roofing system was installed on a rooftop owned by Elixer Industries 30 years ago. The early prototype R-Mer Lite 50,000-sq.-ft. roof remains watertight today, offering its owner a lifetime return on investment with a design that is lightweight, easy to install and virtually maintenance-free.

The Garland Co.

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Green roof

Energy-efficient rooftop for industrial, commercial and governmental facilities is made of recycled materials and can be installed without the need of specialized equipment. The GreenGrid System increases the life of a roof membrane, provides usable space for recreation, can increase property value and retains significant rainfall, reducing stormwater runoff. During the summer months, the temperature of a conventional flat rooftop can soar up to 175 F, but with this system, a roof rarely will get hotter than 77 F. A recent study estimated that greening the rooftops of all city buildings in Chicago would result in nearly $100 million of annual energy savings. Peak electricity demand would be cut by 720 megawatts, which is the equivalent of several coal-fired generating units.

ABC Supply.

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Locked up

A total of 62,000 sq. ft. of metal standing-seam roofing was used to build the Houston County Jail in Dothan, Ala. The job, which consisted of a half-dozen structures joined to create a single building, used a roof deck made up of hollow-core concrete. The roofing, a Loc Seam system, was installed using a system of light-gauge substructurals over the deck. The roofing panels are 70 feet high and were installed continuously without endlaps.

Architectural Metal Systems.

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A roof above the kitchen

Crate and Barrel recently constructed its headquarters and one of its largest retail stores in Northbrook, Ill. The building, designed by Perkins and Will Architects, Chicago, is covered with white, 60-mil Stevens EP brand of TPO, which was selected for its aesthetics, Energy Star rating and proven history of performance.

Stevens Roofing.

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Roofing Materials Guide

The National Roofing Contractors Association has released its 2002 -03 Steep-Slope Roofing Materials Guide. The 238-page guide provides detailed information about 392 products from 53 manufacturers, including steep-slope roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, fiber-cement and synthetic roof components, metal roof components, tile, wood shakes and shingles, slate and underlayment sheets. The guide, published every other year, includes information about 25 asphalt single manufacturers' warranties and roof system selection for steep-slope projects.

National Roofing Contractors Association.

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Financial facility

In building its state-of-the-art facility in Waco, Texas, the GENCO Federal Credit Union used the Armor Tile Roof System because of its composition, durability and aesthetics. The system is fabricated from heavy-gauge steel, covered with a stone coating that is colored with nonfading ceramic pigment and adhered with baked resin, creating a hail-resistant product.

Custom-Bilt Metals.

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From eave to ridge

Tile panel roofing line uses silicone-modified polyester and low-VOC paint finish that offers excellent durability and corrosion resistance, and is suitable for water catchment applications. Met-Tile carries a 230-mph-plus wind rating and is approved for both windstorm- and impact-resistant performances. Though it closely resembles tile, the roofing system actually consists of long metal panels applied vertically in one piece from eave to ridge and tightly secured with screw fasteners.

Met-Tile Inc.

Reader Service No. 212

Double trouble

Double-weld mechanical attachment system for roofing membranes offers better protection for roofs with its superior wind uplift performance. The system uses a polymer batten strip and fasteners in the membrane to overlap in conjunction with two continuous hot-air welds, one on each side of the batten strip. Balance loading reduces the potential for peeling seams, fastener pullout, loss of fastener load due to substrate damage, or compression and tearing of the membrane.


Reader Service No. 213

Showroom savvy

Goldsmith's office furniture showroom and corporate headquarters in Wichita, Kan., was designed with an inverted parabola roofing system, which can be seen from both inside and outside the facility. An APP torch-applied modified-bitumen roof was used for the parabola section and an SBS' modified-bitumen roof for the adjoining warehouse. The building team had many challenges including finding the roof's center, where it drains, managing the flow of water and at the same time maintaining an attractive appearance. The sheets on the parabola had to be staggered and yet have the appearance of a smooth surface, even though there were no flat or level spots. Moreover, the materials had to run perpendicular from the saddle of the roof even though there were two slopes.

Johns Manville.

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Tiles to fit

Roofing tiles that offer fire safety and rot resistance are engineered to be a durable alternative to wood roofing, while still maintaining the look of traditional cedar shakes. Produced using recycled materials, rubber and plastic, Seneca Shake tiles emulate the look of wood shakes, yet they are lightweight. Nine colors are available.


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Initially planning a $38,000 roof replacement project at its Kenton, Ohio, facility, the U.S. Army Reserve instead decided to restore the existing roof using WhiteBrite elastomeric coating. The cost for the restoration was just $9,261, saving the government more than $28,000, while also sparing valuable landfill space by eliminating disposal of the current roof. The new WhiteBrite roof installed came with a 10-year warranty and a greater reflectivity, providing energy savings.

Simon Roofing.

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Decorative rooftop

Heavyweight strip shingle is available in seven colors and is ASTM code-compliant. The Speed Lap Alignment System features a notched side lap, making it easier for roofing installers to determine where the shingles should be aligned both horizontally and vertically, therefore requiring less installation time.


Reader Service No. 210

Curbed roofing

Insulated roof curbs allow for unrestricted positioning on standing-seam roof systems, and are custom-designed to accommodate any roof slope for rooftop equipment. Retro-Curb has an oversized, flat, prepunched base flange that can be cut out to allow perfect alignment with the seams on the roof.

Thybar Corp.

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Shop 'til you drop

As part of a major facelift, a new metal standing-seam roof was built over the existing 40-year-old flat roof on the Long Meadow Shopping Center in Hagerstown, Md. Adding a new look, as well as better protection from outdoor elements, light-gauge substructural framing raised the pitch on the main roof sections. Project cost was approximately $125,000.

Metal Building Manufacturers Association.

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Color crazy

New profile fascia shapes have been added to the Econosnap, Safeguard and Safeguard NP roof edge systems. The profile fascias are manufactured from heavy-gauge aluminum finishes in standard and custom colors.

W.P. Hickman.

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Fly above

After enduring recurring roof leaks, Birmingham (Ala.) International Airport reroofed its almost 60-year-old building with a standing-seam metal roof, costing $1.4 million. Installed by RCI Contractors & Engineers, Tuscaloosa, Ala., the MR-24 system corrected the chronic drainage and leakage that plagued three service bays, totaling some 130,000 sq. ft. The problem was fixed by changing the roof's slope to direct water to a gutter in the middle of the roof sections.

Butler Manufacturing Co.

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Roof coating

Elastomeric coatings for seamless, watertight and custom-fit roof protection include polyurethanes, silicones and acrylics to ensure a comprehensive solution to any roofing problem. The roofing systems are tough, fluid-applied coatings that provide optimum protection from damaging leaks. Weighing less than one pound per square foot, the system is very lightweight and can usually be installed over an existing roof with minimal preparation.


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Panel perfect

Roofing panel protects the waterproof membrane from the main causes of roof failure, including ultraviolet rays, thermal cycling and physical abuse. Lightguard PMR panels live longer, have lower maintenance costs and provide long-term insulation.

T. Clear Corp.

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Up on the roof

Rubber polymer roofing material is the most commonly used single-ply membrane for low-slope commercial roofing. EPDM can be used over very broad temperature ranges because its rubber-like qualities allow it to withstand the stresses of thermal expansion and contraction. The material is weatherable, with high resistance to ozone and UV rays. It is available in nonreinforced and reinforced styles and in 45 and 60 mil thicknesses.

StaFast Roofing Systems.

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Domed ceiling

The University of South Dakota's Dakota Dome had a 25-year-old fabric roof that had deteriorated. It was replaced with a roof consisting of a 40-ft.-diameter center compression hub with connecting pairs of long-span trusses acting as the dome's ribs. The assembled hub was too heavy to fit into place, so it had to be constructed in the air. The trusses are from 200 ft. to 300 ft. long, resulting in a clearspan dome of up to 160 ft. The 160,000-sq.-ft. roof was built in 41/2 months.

Havens Steel.

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