Roof boards for commercial roofing assemblies

May 01, 2009 |

DensDeck roof boards are designed to address fire resistance, moisture resistance, strength, and dimensional stability in commercial roofing assemblies. DensDeck Prime's enhanced surface treatment offers a useful substrate for many adhered roofings systems by allowing uniform spread of adhesives for a strong, consistent bond. DensDeck DuraGuard features a durable, low-perm, integrated coating that works well with self-adhered, hot-mopped membranes and torched asphaltic systems.

Applications: Cover board and thermal barrier board for low-slope commercial roofing systems.

Availability: Nationwide

Cost: $0.35-0.60/sf

Contents: Moisture-resistant gypsum core, fiberglass mat facer

Options/Sizes: DensDeck, uncoated fiberglass mat-faced gypsum: 4x8-foot board; ¼-, ½- and 5/8-inch thick. DensDeck Prime, coated, fiberglass mat-faced gypsum: 4x4-foot and 4x8-foot boards; ¼-, ½- and 5/8-inch thick. DensDeck DuraGuard, pre-coated fiberglass faced gypsum, low-perm coated face: 4x4-foot and 4x8-foot boards; ¼-, ½- and 5/8-inch thick.

Environmental attributes: May qualify for LEED points in Materials and Resources Recycled Content Credits 4.1 and 4.2 and Regional Materials Credits 5.1 and 5.2.

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