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Lamps & Ballasts

November 01, 2003 |

Lamps & Ballasts

Fresh produce

Henry’s Marketplace in Costa Mesa, Calif., is a natural and organic food market and the national test site for Alto T5 lamps, which offer the lowest mercury content of any T5 lamps, according to the manufacturer. The lamps are small, allowing architects more space to design, while providing energy efficiency and reduced operating and maintenance costs for owners.


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Energy-efficient ballast

Ballast combines multi-voltage capabilities with high energy efficiency. Its ability to run on 120 or 277 volts means fewer light sources are needed. A multi-voltage control allows the Ultramax electronic ballast to read an incoming voltage and adapt automatically to any voltage from 108V to 305V. This can result in a 40% cost savings over other ballasted T12 systems, says its maker.


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High powered

Dimming ballast for the operation of one or two 18-watt Triple or Quad Tube Compact Fluorescent Lamps offers full-range, continuous dimming capability, allowing users to adjust lighting levels to fit their needs and enhance their visual comfort. Fully supports California’s Title 24 energy code. The Mark 10 Powerline dimming ballast receives signals directly from the power line, requiring no additional control wiring. Thus, installation is simple and cost-effective, says the manufacturer.

Advance Transformer Co.

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Light maintenance

Two-lamp ballast for operation of 14W, 21W, 28W, and 35W T5 fluorescent lamps can be used to drive one lamp, while maintaining a ballast factor of 1.00. Sensors in the Quicktronic PS shut when lamps reach end-of-life, while also avoiding false shutdowns. An auto-reset feature requires no power cycling when failed lamps are replaced.

Osram Sylvania.

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Dim the lights

Fluorescent ballast with built-in infrared dimmer is designed to make individual fixture control simple, with a person control of overhead lighting through a handheld IR transmitter. The Eco-10 IR can be installed like standard non-dimming ballasts or three-wire dimming ballasts and used with a central control system for energy management. The ballast’s low-profile size expands the possibility for individual control to additional fixture types.


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Knock down

Designed for low- to mid-rise buildings, the 8250 STX curtainwall system is manufactured to be knocked down so it can be shipped long distances and is easy to load and unload. The system features tubular vertical framing in lieu of I-beams to withstand wind conditions in the Southwest states and Southern California. It can be integrated with engineered sunshades and has the flexibility to accommodate 1/4-in. to 1-in. glass with minimal inserts.


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Going deep

The Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass., was designed by architect HOK Sport + Events + Venue with a 71/4-in. overall depth curtainwall that incorporates structured silicone glazing, captured with various-depth horizontal face caps. The building also features the CW-250 Screw Spline system and rugged medium stile doors.


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Expanded education

The renovation and expansion of Olin Hall of Science on the campus of Bradley University in Peoria, Ill., used 32,500 square feet of 4-mm Alcoubond material in a champagne metallic color. Minimal floor-to-floor heights and the need to gut and remodel the building’s interior, while constructing and addition and keeping the building open to students and staff, made the exterior renovation a challenge. The $20 million project resulted in the hall gaining more than 135,000 square feet of new and renovated space, including new classrooms, laboratory, and office space.

Alcan Composites.

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Say cheese

Swiss-American Inc., an importer and distributor of specialty foods, used more than 80,000-square feet of horizontal, vertical, temperature control, and partition wall metal panels for its new headquarters facility in St. Louis. The cold storage warehouse and loading dock walls utilize 23,000 square feet of 4-ft. CFR42 fluted/Mesa panels, while the office includes 6,000 square feet of 2-in. CF36 horizontal panels with smooth exterior surface.

“The site itself was extremely tight with a three-and-a-half acre building going on only 4 acres,” says Ole Van Goor, president of roof and wall subcontractor Van Goor L.L.C. “The design required numerous angles and lots of different heights that made it complicated. Plus, we used a variety of materials to meet humidity and temperature controls. Vapor barriers had to integrated with firewalls going to the roof.”

Metl Span.

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Exterior makeover

The University of Arkansas Science and Engineering building restoration used more than 45,000 square feet of Formawall Dimension Series with Duracast finish system on its building, which took less than seven months to complete. The university selected the cladding because it matched an adjacent 1960s-era building and because the lightweight metal panels could be installed on a subframing system attached directly to the existing cladding. The Duracast finish system is an acrylic coating containing natural aggregate applied over a wax polyester that provides the look and feel of precast with the fabrication advantages of a metal panel.


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Emergency flooring

Vinyl sheet flooring for healthcare facilities is available in 15 natural colors designed to resist indentation, rolling, and static loads. A protective urethane finish helps the floor increase scuff resistance. Heat welding allows for clean, aseptic seams in the floor, improving infection control and sanitation, making it suitable for diagnostic and treatment areas, including surgical suites, emergency rooms, intensive care units, and treatment rooms. Medinpoint flooring is a part of the MEDS flooring program for healthcare sites.


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No sound

Sound insulation flooring system for retrofit or new construction, is a high-performance acoustical membrane. Ecosilence is effective directly underneath floor coverings, including wood, laminate, bamboo, vinyl, hardwood, granite, marble, ceramic, and tile, its maker says. Designed for use in condominiums, apartment buildings, exercise facilities, libraries, hospitals, schools, and hotels.


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Tough rubber

The Lenape Meadows School in Mahwah, N.J., selected 65,000 square feet of rubber flooring products for its two-story, state-of-the-art facility. Chosen because it could be installed without seams, required no waxing, and provides protection against scuffs in high-traffic settings, the rubber flooring also helps prevent the formation of travel paths and is dirt-repellent. The Noraplan stone flooring runs throughout the building’s corridors, main lobby, 36,800-square feet of classrooms, 5,000-s.f. cafeteria, and media center. Available in 120 colors, the product is matched by slip-resistance that complies with ADA guidelines.

Nora Rubber Flooring.

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Art alive

The 18-in.x18-in. carpet tile is a random combination of nylon yarn colors that enable tiles to mesh together, yet no two are the same. ArtCraft is made of 100% post-production yarn. Type 6,6 nylon is tufted in a loop pile for use anywhere in a building space where long wear is required. Suitable for office space.

Mannington Commercial.

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Master protection

Flooring system is a multipurpose broadcast, slurry broadcase, or mortar-applied floor-topping system that is designed for warehouses, institutions, and industrial manufacturing or processing facilities. The Series 237 Power-Tread system protects against impact, abrasion, and chemicals. It is VOC-compliant and its clear resin can be field-pigmented in red, gray, or beige.


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