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Claims for products described editorially on this and other pages are taken from statements of product manufacturers.

Controlling HVAC

Programmable HVAC controller consists of a combination of digital and analog inputs and outputs for tasks such as pump and fan control. This LonMark-compatible controller is designed for installation adjacent to the equipment it controls, fitting into a standard enclosure or control panel.


Reader Service No. 211

Cold cash savings

A thermal storage controller handles load forecasting automatically, predicting the daily cooling requirements of a facility while adapting to seasonal and daily variations in demand without operator intervention. It continuously monitors electrical load, cooling load and ice storage inventory.

Johnson Controls .

R.S. No. 215

Parting the waters

An electronic faucet uses the Synapse infrared motion-sensing technology, which allows installers and maintenance personnel to adjust reaction settings as well as diagnose problems with a Palm-enabled device. The line includes ADA-compliant lavatory and gooseneck models for commercial and institutional installations.

The Chicago Faucets Co.

Reader Service No. 217


Metal keys and master keys are replaced with keycards, increasing security and efficiency, lowering maintenance costs and resulting in fewer liability claims. The keycards eliminate rekeying.

Tesa Entry Systems Inc.

R.S. No. 226

Touch of a screen

Building-control interface utilizes a configurable touch-screen device to monitor building information in a single-or multiple-site facility. These LAN-compatible units are equipped with inputs for monitoring electricity usage, demand and phase loss, temperature, lighting levels and more.

Novar Controls.

Reader Service No. 209

Monitoring emissions

Analyzer transmitter for continuous emissions monitoring is offered in a compact unit. The small size of the monitoring device allows the system to be closer to the area it is monitoring, and is suitable for high-temperature operations.

Rosemount Analytical.

R.S. No. 203

Big yellow phone

Emergency phone is housed in a yellow steel tower with a built-in blue strobe light to attract attention during use.

Viking Electronics Inc.

R.S. No. 234

Information integrator

A family of graphical, PC-based information management systems integrates the management and control of networked fire alarm systems in large facilities and campus environments. Designed for any fire alarm environment where control panels are linked, the Microsoft Windows-based system accepts information from thousands of detectors, notification appliances and other network devices.


Reader Service No. 230

UPS monitors circuits

UPS system offers circuit monitoring, eliminating the need for manual measurements. Integrated into the panelboard, the monitor instantly sounds an alarm if any circuit exceeds its user-defined limit.

MGE UPS Systems.

Reader Service No. 206

Smarter than ever

A smart card embedded with a computer chip, which makes it more tamper-resistant, can be used for access control, time and attendance, vending machines and cafeterias. The SmartCard reader is a contactless read/write device on which the user ID and biometric hand template are stored. Attached to the company's hand reader, it offers double protection when used in tandem with the hand reader.

Recognition Systems Inc.

Reader Service No. 227

Monitoring for safety

A digital-video system for school campuses incorporates emergency response, incident prevention and operational activity monitoring. School and district personnel can monitor in real-time or search prerecorded and stored video clips.

cVideo Inc.

Reader Service No. 224

Working together

For its security/life safety system, the information services company Ceridian chose Cymphany, an integrated security/life system that covers access control, intrusion detection, fire alarm/life safety and CCTV as well as digital badging, intercom, paging and sound. The system allows remote networking control and monitoring of multiple assets.

Siemens, Cerberus Div.

Reader Service No. 231

Energetic transmitter

Btu transmitter for submetering applications calculates thermal energy by measuring liquid flow with a flow sensor and then by measuring the temperature at the inlet and outlet. An onboard microcontroller and digital circuitry makes precise measurements and drift-free outputs.

Data Industrial.

Reader Service No. 205

Computer talk

LonTalk adapter connects any standard PC or laptop computer to a LonWorks BAS network via a USB port. By utilizing this novel device, it is possible to transform the computer into a LonWorks node, running the maintenance and monitoring application on the PC.

DH Electronics.

Reader Service No. 204

Measuring up

Two lines of electronic airflow sensors provide commercial or institutional building automation system controls with precise airflow measurement inputs, optimizing dilution ventilation rates for acceptable indoor air quality in offices, hospitals, schools and laboratories. The high density of the permanently calibrated sensors allows versatile mounting options.


Reader Service No. 232

Watt a system

Daylighting controls include dimming systems, on/off switching control systems and exterior control systems. Easily integrated with other lighting controls, this system can facilitate multizone dimming and switching control from a single photocell.

The Watt Stopper.

Reader Service No. 207

Restricted area

Networked access control unit can be configured to restrict access to individual employees at particular times in the day and days in the week, and features an anti-pass feature that prevents employees from passing their badges to other employees to gain access through a particular door. Series 7000 controllers support standard input devices, including magnetic strips, proximity badges and numeric keypads.

Accu-Time Systems.

Reader Service No. 222

Faucet tunes in, turns on

Faucet employs an active triangulation measurement to pinpoint the approach of a hand. Installed with no electrical hookups, it can be configured to supply hot and cold water with temperature adjustment, hot and cold with pre-set tempered water and cold or premixed tempered water.

Symmons Industries Inc.

Reader Service No. 236

One tough dome

Designed to protect strobe and horn notification appliances inherent with the latest fire-protection systems, Stopper Dome is made of clear, polycarbonate material with lifetime warranty, and it can be mounted onto a wall or ceiling.

Safety Technology Intl.

Reader Service No. 225

Look mom, no hands

Recommended for nursing homes and assisted-living facilities, digital intercom system enables hands-free, private two-way communication. Spectrum's digital signal processor adjusts loud speaker volume levels to compensate for acoustically difficult locations and eliminates interference.

Jeron Electronic Systems.

Reader Service No. 233

Lock can gain better IQ with smart cylinder

A small-format interchangeable core allows faster conversions to a CyberLock access control system, which consists of a programmable electronic lock cylinder and electronic key, each containing a microprocessor and memory. Cylinder stores most recent 1,100 user IDs, dates and times of use, and programmable key lists locks, days and times key is authorized for use.


Reader Service No. 235

Flexible power

Scalable UPS system offers flexible power from 4 to 16 kVA. Offering on-line power protection with N+x redundancy, design also features an electrical current-sharing technology that provides an equal distribution of power among all of the modules.


Reader Service No. 202


A fire- and life-safety control system can bring together all the reporting and control capabilities of a variety of security applications, from single or multiple facilities. The system integrates fire alarm systems, security systems, CCTV networks, access control and other critical monitoring systems.


Reader Service No. 228

Time in

A time-delay relay activates security cameras, lights, sirens, strobes, tape recorders, voice announcements and door strikes or other devices that must be timed. Operating from a push button, alarm panel output, security phone, door or motion sensor, the device can be programmed in one of three modes: relay for up to 20 seconds, delay relay upon contact closure up to 30 seconds and pulsed relay output of either .5 second or 1 second intervals for 4 to 30 seconds.

Viking Electronics Inc.

R.S. No. 216

Speedy exit

A high-speed overhead security door for industrial and commercial applications opens at 5 feet per second. Driven by a variable-speed AC drive, the door saves energy by minimizing air infiltration. The door is equipped with two through-beam photo eyes mounted within the side frames that reverse the door upward and an electrical reversing edge when a person or object enters its closing path.

Rytec Corp.

Reader Service No. 229

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