May 01, 2001 |

Forgiving firestops

Firestopping assemblies are designed to meet the ever-changing needs of communications and data cabling. The "re-entrable" firestop system allows owners and contractors to add or remove cables as needed.

Specified Technologies.

Reader Service No. 323

Multimedia cable

Can one cable do it all? Called "multimedia cable," this standard consists of two Category-5e twisted-pair cables — tested to 200 MHz for voice and data — and two quad-shield RG-6 coaxial cables — tested to 2.4 GHz for video.

Genesis Cable.

Reader Service No. 316

Flexible cable trays

Steel cable trays that bend by hand in any direction — without cutting or clipping — are available for use overhead, direct wall mounted, or installed below raised floors.

Cable Management Solutions.

Reader Service No. 324

Income brackets

Low-voltage mounting brackets offer versatility and secure mounting of Class 2 low-voltage wiring. Designed for new construction, the nonmetallic products can be mounted vertically or horizontally to wood or metal studs.

Arlington Industries.

Reader Service No. 302

Data-center delivery

Fiber-optic cabling assemblies streamline connecting, deploying and adding capital equipment in data centers and storage-area networks. Factory-terminated and tested, the assemblies enable easier movement and redeployment of routers, servers and racks of disk drives.

Tyco Electronics.

Reader Service No. 300

Enhanced cable

Enhanced Category 6 copper cabling is a multipurpose product that allows the running of numerous networking applications, including Gigabit Ethernet and converging voice, video and data.


Reader Service No. 320

Plenum raceway

A nonmetallic, flexible corrugated raceway is designed for use in plenum areas to reduce conduit kinks. For fire-safety, the assemblies are made with Kynar for low smoke and flame propagation.

Carlon Lamson & Sessions.

Reader Service No. 322

Management directive

Fiber-management products and termination kits have been added to the Interlink Cabling System, making it a solution for premises wiring using unshielded twisted pair or fiber-optic cable.


R.S. No. 308

New standard-bearer

Ten National Electrical Installation Standards go beyond the National Electrical Code to redefine best minimum practices for installing fiber optics as well as other VDV systems.

National Electrical Contractors Association.

Reader Service No. 312

Universal appeal

Family of pipe clamps features large contact area for sufficient electrical contact for both ground faults and lightning current.

Harger Lightning Protection.

R.S. No. 327

Behind the products

Training and certification programs back up a line of products for power, voice, data and video systems.

Thomas & Betts.

R.S. No. 313


Two-fiber connector and adapter features a patented built-in prepolished endface technology.

Corning Cable Systems.

Reader Service No. 303

No snags for patches

Patch cords incorporate low-profile strain relief and a snag-resistant feature designed into the connector itself, eliminating the need for bulky, rubber boots.

Reader Service No. 305

Of dust and saboteurs

Voice/data cabinet package is designed to keep network components safe from dust and tampering. The unit is also preconfigured to ease installation and maintenance for a wide range of data and voice applications.


R.S. No. 307

Adding voice and data

Can existing facilities be fitted out with network cabling? Two-hour video provides details on retrofit how-to.

Copper Development Association.

R.S. No. 325

Structured cabling

End-to-end enhanced un-shielded twisted-pair copper and fiber-optic horizontal and backbone structured-cabling solutions are accompanied with a compatible cable-management rack.


R.S. No. 314

Field assembly

Angle brackets provide a simple way for contractors to field-assemble proprietary J-hooks to beams or threaded rods for the organization and support cable.


Reader Service No. 309

High-tech questions answered

A distributor's service technicians answer technical questions about VDV systems and solutions for architects, engineers, owners and contractors.

GE Supply.

Reader Service No. 311

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