Next-gen DensDeck Roof Boards

March 03, 2013 |

DensDeck Prime Roof Boards, part of the DensDeck family of gypsum roof boards from Georgia-Pacific Gypsum, have been enhanced with new features that make them one of the most versatile commercial roof boards on the market for low slope roofing systems.

The board continues to offer superior fire resistance, strength and dimensional stability and can be used in hot mopped, cold mastic; torch-applied modified bitumen roofs; as well as fully adhered, single-ply and self-adhered “peel & stick” roofing systems.

Enhancements to the facings, both front and back, provide a broader compatibility and higher performance with all roofing adhesives, including low rise foam and low VOC (volatile organic compound) adhesives, growing trends in the industry.

In addition:

  • Face mat enhancements allow traditional solvent-based adhesives and low VOC adhesives to be applied more uniformly and consistently and results in a better bond with the membrane.
  • A stronger back mat provides a stronger bond between DensDeck Prime Roof Board and the insulation layer when low rise adhesives are used.
  • Our proprietary manufacturing process ensures a stronger mat-to-core bond. When properly fastened or adhered, DensDeck Prime Roof Boards help roofing systems achieve a high level of wind uplift resistance. (For a comprehensive list of vertical pull tests and additional information, visit
  • The mat overlaps on the backside of the board rather than on the front side, providing a clean joint and an overall, smoother and more uniform appearance once the membrane is laid over the cover board.
  • The new mats make the board easier to cut and handle during the application process.
  • Dust from scoring and cutting is reduced.

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