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June 01, 2001 |

Claims for products described editorially on this and other pages are taken from statements of product manufacturers.

Floors of many flavors

Line of floor tiles comes in a variety of vibrant colors, including: lemon, cherry, blueberry, spearmint, lime and raspberry, with either rib or wave patterns, giving the tiles a 3-D appearance. The tiles can be mixed by color and pattern.

Amtico International Inc.

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Modular carpet collection

Eight design groups and 15 patterns can be mixed and matched to allow designers to compose their own carpet graphics on the floor. One design can be used for a single treatment, or multiple patterns can be mixed and matched.

Milliken Carpet.

Reader Service No. 266

Mobile storage

Shelving units, which pull out and are easily moveable, more than double the storage capacity of filing or library areas by eliminating aisles. The system allows quick access to books, materials and supplies, increasing productivity and efficiency by allowing materials to be located closer to their point of use.

Spacesaver Corp.

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A peek inside the Mart

NeoCon is the annual trade fair for interior architecture, finishes and furnishings in mid-June at Chicago's Merchandise Mart. A small sampling of its 1,500 exhibitors is presented. More information can be found on this major industry event at


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Wall sconce

Wall sconce features perforated horizontal faceplate set against a brass back plate. Mounts to standard outlet box and meets ADA requirements

Nessen Lighting.

R.S. No. 270

Porcelain plus terrazzo

Large floor tiles with the beauty of terrazzo has the durability and through-body color of porcelain. The tile is available in 18-by-18-in. units, enhancing its stone-like appearance.


Reader Service No. 259

Sporty vinyl

Unlike most vinyl flooring, nonreflective sports floor with fiberglass inner layer gives the appearance of wood, but still retains the maintenance advantages of vinyl. The hardwood plank design incorporates maple, beech and oak patterns and is 1/3 thicker than others in its class.


Reader Service No.252

Picasso, seated

Inspired by cubist design, chair is a unique and elegant seating choice for offices, reception areas, conference rooms, auditoriums and hotels. Swiss craftsmanship can been seen in its distinctive design with a mesh back and round tubular steel frame that creates a lightweight, transparent appearance.


R.S. No. 260

New way of working

In an effort to open office spaces to employees, this work-station system was created to enhance any highly interactive, creative work environment.

Designed by ergonomists, cognitive and social psychologists as well as industrial designers, the goal was to produce creative spaces that would optimize knowledge-worker performance. They found that office spaces are typically arranged according to what is going on inside worker's minds; the team designed their pieces accordingly.

Exhibited at New York City's Museum of Modern Art, one piece of the series can be found in its "Workspheres" exhibition, which examines current and future workplace trends.


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Peaked roof bulb

Designed to reduce "whip" action during installation of a ceiling suspension system, these bulbs' main beam features a hot-dipped galvanized coating that inhibits rusting better than electrogalvanized or painted systems. Designed to improve handling of maker's ceiling suspension systems.

Armstrong World Industries.

Reader Service No. 261

Jacquard upholstery

Upholstery and casement designs in six colors are durable, meeting ACT standards for heavy-duty contract upholstery.


Reader Service No. 255

Floored by pressure

Available in 21 colors, flooring seems ever-changing because of its bright, light-sensitive hues. The laminates are offered in two finishes: one soft and another bumpy.

Abet Inc.

R.S. No. 271

Elastic edge

Elastomeric exterior coatings add aesthetic appeal and minimize interior moisture problems. Provides thick, elastic film for pinhole-free, durable finish.



It even stacks

Providing an improved level of comfort by automatically adjusting its balanced-action rocker motion to the person sitting in it, the chair is ideal for mobile workers and for use in meeting rooms, learning environments, cafés and guest waiting rooms. It even stacks.


Reader Service No. 272

Commercial wood, marble

Hardwood and cast-marble tile flooring allows designers a unique blend of colors, textures and shapes. Suitable for high-traffic areas, the slip-resistant flooring meets all ADA requirements.


Reader Service No. 256

Precision cut

Carpeting has been engineered to allow one-to-one fit with access floor panels quickly and simply. The tile permits easy relocation of voice, power and data boxes and in-floor air diffusers, increasing flexibility when altering access floor and workstation layouts.

United Technical Products.

R.S. No. 274

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