May 01, 2004 |

Let the smoke out

Automatic fire vents allow smoke, heat, and gases to exit a burning structure, providing increased evacuation time, exhausting of fumes, structural protection from damaging heat, and protection against the spread of fire. Featuring Thermolatch II latching mechanism with curb-mounted fusible link housing for quick resetting and a fully insulated gasketed cover for weather-tight performance, the fire vents are designed for use in gymnasiums, auditoriums, storage facilities, and warehouses. Feature fully enclosed compression springs, heavy-duty shock absorbers for smooth cover operation, and lock covers to hold arms open upon vent activation.


Reader Service No. 302

Go fish

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service's Parker River National Wildlife Refuge recently completed the $8 million renovation of its 7,700 sf visitors center, 5,500 sf administrative offices, and 6,000 sf of refuge support building space. Architect Cambridge Seven Associates, Cambridge, Mass., specified 57,000 sf of metal panels for its exterior walls and standing-seam roof, both featuring Kynar 500 / Hylar 5000 finish in a dove gray color. The material is Energy Star-compliant and provides an emissivity level of 0.90 on the roof, which meets LEED criteria for cool roofs. According to refuge manager Janet Kennedy, the need for sustainable design and construction practices was a priority. "We're as green as we can be," says Kennedy. "That is important to us. As a natural resource agency, if we don't do it, who will? It's important to walk the talk." The project's GC was T.R. White Co., Boston.

Englert, Inc.

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Fire stop

Clear glass that resists flames, smoke, and hot gases can be used as interior partition walls, fire doors, windows, and roof glazings. Pyrodur has been integrity, fire-resistant performance-tested and approved for 30-60 minutes. Interlayer responds to the fire by producing an opaque barrier to flame and thermal radiation.


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Mother's convenience

Baby diaper-changing station is the newest in a line of public washroom accessories. Made of high impact polyethylene, the DryBaby Changing Station features rounded corners with fewer crevices and catch points than competitive models.

World Dryer.

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