Metal Roofing and Cladding

July 01, 2002 |

Let the games begin

The exterior of the Utah Olympic Oval, used in this year's Winter Olympics, in Salt Lake City, was fitted with exterior metal panels chosen for their cost-effectiveness, insulation and spanning capabilities. The Foamwall Dimensional Series Panels feature a 2-in.-thick urethane foam core and span the 16 feet between the Oval's vertical supports without additional structural backup.


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Copper tops bandstand

The focal point of the Hico, Texas, historic area is a stone bandstand recently renovated with a metal canopy using concave-shaped copper panels. The individual tapered panels of 20 oz. each were installed over a concave, octagon-shaped structural steel framework using concealed fasteners to provide a smooth, unblemished finish.

Custom-Built Metals.

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Groovy panels

Steel roof and siding panels have a tongue-and-groove design that simplifies installation and provides fire resistance and dimensional stability. PS4000 panels are made of galvanized steel wire welded in at least 40 locations for strength on any type of exterior finish.

Poly Steel.

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Finishing options

New brochure provides specifiers with a variety of finishes for metal roofing, metal curtain walls, structural steel and metal canopies. The "Simply Tops" catalogue showcases the range of opaque, metallic and clear topcoats for metal exteriors, and includes a color card with more than 20 metallic color options.


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Exterior cladding

The Dickson, Tenn.-based Renaissance Center for educational programming used approximately 35,000 square feet of Alucobond aluminum cladding for its exterior finish. The metal cladding consists of .02-in.-thick sheets of aluminum bonded to a thermoplastic core. The material creates a flat look and resists buckling, rippling and oil canning. Lightweight but strong and durable, the material fabricates easily for a variety of design needs, from curves to folds.

Alcan Composites.

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Roofing restoration

More than 66,000 square feet of dimension gauge steel panels and other metal materials were recently used to construct a new roof for the Milwaukee Road Depot and Train Shed in Minneapolis, Minn. The panels were factory-formed in lengths of up to 54 feet to restore a turn-of-the-century look to the building, preserving its historic significance. The development includes hotels, restaurants and a skating rink.

Peterson Aluminum.

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A face lift

The Long Meadow Shopping Center in Hagerstown, Md., added a fresh look by applying a new metal standing-seam roof over its existing 40-year-old flat roof. The new roof, which cost $125,000, will provide better protection from the elements, as the new light-gauge substructural framing raised the pitch of the main roof.

Metal Building Manufacturers Assoc.

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Temperature, sound control

Insulated metal panels have a skin of continuously processed, galvanized sheet steel. Underneath is an insulating core of poured-in-place, polyurethane foam, free of fluorocarbons and halogenated fluorocarbons. Designed for high-level thermal insulation, the panels also provide sound insulation.

Thyssen Bausystem.

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Metal roof

Metal standing-seam roof systems for new and retrofit projects are ideal for both metal and conventional buildings. They are designed and crafted to provide durable, weathertight coverage for a life span measured in decades, and are backed by a 20-year weathertightness warranty.

Architectural Metal Systems.

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Metal replicates tile

Tile panel roofing system combines the look of tile with the high performance of metal and carries a 230-plus mile per hour wind rating based on UL wind uplift testing. Though it resembles tile, the roofing consists of long-length metal panels applied vertically in one piece from eave to ridge. Panels are tightly secured with screw fasteners that keep the roof in place, even under the heaviest wind and rain.


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