Glass mats: No mold here

May 01, 2009 |

CertainTeed GlasRoc Tile Backer features Embedded Glass Reinforced Gypsum technology, which combines reinforcing glass mats fully embedded into a water-resistant gypsum core and a protective acrylic coating. Provides a flat, uniform substrate that resists delamination and is significantly lighter than conventional cement board. Resists mold. Limited lifetime warranty for residential applications; limited 20-year warranty for commercial applications.

Applications: Protects walls, ceilings, and countertops against mold in high-moisture areas for residential and commercial applications; suitable for wet and non-wet applications

Availability: U.S. and Canada

Cost: Call for pricing information

Contents: Uses a patented technology with reinforcing fiberglass mats, which are fully embedded in a water-resistant gypsum core

Options/Sizes: 4x8-foot boards with ½-inch thickness; special lengths available. Also available in a 5/8-inch Type X for use in fire-rated designs.

Environmental attributes: Superior moisture-blocking capabilities eliminate the need for a separate moisture barrier. Mold resistance score of 10 when tested in accordance with ASTM D 3273.

Contact: CertainTeed Gypsum, 800-233-8990

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