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February 01, 2006 |

Make the Connection

Connector system helps transfer lateral loads from purlin framing into adjacent glulam support beams in wood frame construction. The Purlin Cross Tie can support loads of up to 39,665 pounds and requires fewer parts than any other connection method (installation takes just five steps), according to the manufacturer.

Simpson Strong-Tie

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Glass is Rated for Fire and Impact

SuperLite I-W wired glass meets the Consumer Products Safety Commission's category II impact safety rating (400 foot pounds), and provides a positive pressure fire rating of up to 90 minutes. The ¼-inch-thick glass is an affordable alternative to non-safety wired glass and for use in fire door assemblies. Applications include schools, dormitories, hospitals, and recreational and athletic facilities, where accidental impact and fire safety are concerns.


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Let it Snow

Mineral fiber ceiling panels are manufactured from a cotton-like substance that provides excellent sound absorption and high thermal resistance. Snowen panels are formaldehyde-free and are suited for commercial environments where acoustical control, fast installation, and low maintenance are a priority.

InterSource Specialties Co.

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Keeping Concrete Moist

Evaporation retardant forms a thin monomolecular film to reduce rapid moisture loss from concrete surfaces prior to curing. By minimizing evaporation, Evapre-RTU reduces plastic shrinkage, cracking, wind crusting, stickiness, and sponginess, which often cause poor and uneven surface texture. Evapre-RTU is water-based and VOC-compliant.

W.R. Meadows

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Curb Seismic Stress

ThyCurb seismic curbs for rooftop HVAC equipment are custom designed to meet seismic criteria of any geographic location. Options include built-in filters, extra height for installation of sound traps beneath the unit, built-in roof pitch, and a pressure-treated wood nailer. Curbs are typically shipped to the jobsite in one piece within two weeks of the order, says the manufacturer.

Thybar Corp.

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Plenum Insulation

Plenum insulation provides a single-layer, flexible enclosure around combustible items located within fire-rated return-air plenums, such as plastic pipe and cable. FlameChek is a ½-inch-thick, non-ceramic, glass-fiber insulation blanket that is lightweight and easy to cut and install.


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All-Purpose Mortar

Line of mortar allows tile installers to use the same mortar for virtually every type of ceramic and stone. 3N1 combines the advantages of latex modified, medium bed, and non-sag mortars, allowing for easy troweling on a range of applications. Standard mortars can be used for many types of installations, but often require a change in application or mortar formula.


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Corn-Based Paint Stripper

Paint stripper is 100% derived from a blend of U.S.-grown corn and soybean esters designed to strip, lift, and remove mastics, adhesives, and paint from concrete, masonry, wood, metal, and other surfaces. Amazing Biobased Stripper and Solvent is 100% biodegradable and contains zero environmentally hazardous ingrediants or ozone-depleting chemicals.

Green Products

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Precast Concrete Joining System

Interlocking device provides structural integrity when joining rebar in precast concrete construction. Lenton Interlok allows load-bearing applications such as columns, beams, and shear walls to be incorporated into projects using segmental precast construction techniques, where previously only structural steel or cast-in-place concrete would work. Tensile loads are transferred through the rebar.


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Stone-Carved Appearance

Masonry units feature a random hand-chiseled look of naturally cut limestone, providing the beauty of natural stone with the advantages and structural integrity of concrete masonry. Chiselface, the latest addition to the Prairie Stone line of concrete masonry, is manufactured with W.R. Grace's Dry-Block water repellent admixture to help repel moisture and prevent mold and efflorescence. The units are easy to install (they can be cut and shaped in the field) and require little maintenance.


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