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August 01, 2006 |

Revolving Door with Safety Sensors

Large-diameter automatic revolving doors are designed especially for hotel and healthcare facilities for pedestrians with luggage, wheelchairs, or strollers. Available in diameters of up to 21 feet, the product line offers two-, three- and four-wing models. Safety sensors adjust the revolving assembly's speed to accommodate slower moving people or objects, and locked wings and night shields are available for better security. In addition, glass showcases can be installed to display signage or promotional materials in the door itself. Crane Revolving Doors Input No. 235 at BDCnetwork.com/quickResponse

Rooftop Railing Prevents Falls

Fixed rail system provides fall protection compliance for roof hatch openings. Constructed of fiber-reinforced polymer with corrosion-resistant hardware, guard rail comes in yellow for high visibility. System also offers a self-closing gate for additional fall protection, a quick-mount bracket for a quick and strong non-penetrating attachment, and a pivoting sleeve for flexible installation. The Bilco Company Input No. 232 at BDCnetwork.com/quickResponse

Trim System With All the Trimmings

Perimeter trim system for ceiling panels minimizes visible grid, lending a more monolithic appearance to the ceiling. With its narrow vertical profile fin, the trim creates a ¼-inch recess to duplicate the ¼-inch reveal of the ceiling panel. Armstrong World Industries Input No. 237 at BDCnetwork.com/quickResponse

Full of Fluorescents

Fluorescent recessed lighting line, designed especially for classrooms, combines energy efficiency, aesthetics, and natural lighting. By utilizing wider light distribution, this enables wider luminaire spacing, thus improving uniformity and reducing glare. The recessed fixtures create a larger perception of space. Models are available up to 102 lumens per watt. The step-dimming ballast can be switched to less than 50% input power to meet energy code requirements while maintaining symmetrical illumination. Day-Brite Lighting Input No. 229 at BDCnetwork.com/quickResponse

From Recycled Tires to Carpet-like Tiles

Carpet-like color tiles are processed from recycled truck and bus tires, which are heat bonded to a flexible adhesive backing. Ideal for heavy traffic entryways, the 12x12-inch earthtone gray color tiles are designed with a modern geometric surface. Musson Rubber Input No. 236 at BDCnetwork.com/quickResponse

Super Soap Dispenser

Electronic soap dispenser and faucet units are available in both DC- and battery-powered models. Dispenser pump is activated when the user's hands reflect a beam into the sensor-receiver, thereby releasing a pre-measured soap application to flow from the spout. Faucet fixture is chrome-plated with a cast-brass body, brass shank, and optional special finishes. Sloan Valve Co. Input No. 230 at BDCnetwork.com/quickResponse

Winning the War Against Graffiti

Film protects signs, equipment, glass, steel, and concrete structures from paint, acid, dirt, and grime. Recommended for schools and hospitals, or wherever graffiti is an issue. This fluoropolymer, UV-stable film offers a permanent peel-and-stick application as a chemical covalent bond is created between the film and adhesive, while retaining full transparency. Because the product is also manufactured without VOCs or hazardous solvents, waste disposal costs are reduced, and protective clothing is not required during installation. Integument Technologies Input No. 234 at BDCnetwork.com/quickResponse

Can't Believe it's Not Wood

Exterior trim finish, made from solid cellular PVC, offers the look and feel of top-grade lumber. Available in trim boards, breadboard, full-size sheets, one-piece corners, brick mold, and drip cap, trim finish is compatible with almost all siding materials, including vinyl, fiber cement, wood, stucco, and brick. Finished on all sides, product comes ready to install in natural white. CertainTeed Corp. Input No. 231 at BDCnetwork.com/quickResponse

Lovely LED

LED recessed fixtures are useful in hallways, stairwells, and bathrooms in hospitality and theatrical facilities. The modular system is composed of nine 1-watt LEDs and can be configured with any LED color at multiple intensities. The luminaire can also be fitted with standard line voltage dimming technology without external or remotely mounted transformers or power supplies. Permlight Products Input No. 233 at BDCnetwork.com/quickResponse

Wobble Lights Tip But Don't Fall Down

The three-foot-tall, self-righted Wobble Light was created for windy job sites with uneven surfaces, places where tripod lights can easily blow over and break. A Wobble Light will tip over, but it never falls down, thanks to its rounded base. Most Wobble Lights use standard double envelope metal halide bulbs (175, 250, or 400 watts). Also available in fluorescent and halogen models. Petersen Brands Input No. 228 at BDCnetwork.com/quickResponse

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