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May 01, 2006 |

Block With A Smoky Tint

Acrylic block features a nonmetallic, smoke-colored tint that helps reduce solar heat gain. The tint is molded into the exterior half of the block (the side facing the sun), providing a clear appearance for the interior spaces. Solar Block Plus has a 0.40 solar heat gain coefficient when used with aluminum-framed windows, and a 0.28–0.37 coefficient with vinyl frames. Available in six- and eight-inch sizes.


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High-Performance Lighting

Electronic ballast meets NEMA/CEE high-performance T8 lighting specifications with both its quick-start and programmed-start options. The ballast supports the use of occupancy sensors and motion detectors, reducing energy consumption by more than 45% relative to T12 units, according to the maker.


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Great Look With One Less Coat

Interior latex paint provides the high-build, uniform finish common with traditional coating systems, but in one less coat. A single coat of ProMar 200 XP beats two coats of traditional eggshell or flat finishes, claims manufacturer Sherwin-Williams. The paint is self-priming and builds quickly, masking drywall imperfections.


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Healthy Flooring Done Your Way

Customized flooring program provides designers with more than 3,000 carpet options and a variety of green features. Thought Patterns is manufactured with Antron's Legacy nylon and Unibond RE backing—both are certified by Scientific Certification Systems as environmentally preferred products containing 20% post-consumer recycled content. The flooring is also certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute for its Duracolor technology, which ensures that 99% of common stains can be cleaned with water and mild detergent.


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This Door is A Real Knockout

For warehousing or distribution facilities at risk from hurricanes, tornadoes, or high wind gusts, the TKO CruiserWeight dock door is certified to a positive pressure of up to 57 lb/sf and a negative pressure of up to 68 lb/sf. The system is also designed to knock out to prevent damage from forklift impacts. The door panels ride on spring-loaded retractable steel plungers within the track. When the door is hit, the plungers retract, allowing the individual panels to knock out. To reset the door, simply pull an attached cable; no special tools are required for repair.


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Eco-Friendly Floor

Hardwood floor finish is the first of its kind to achieve GreenGuard certification, according to the maker. Manufactured with water-based finishes and dust-containment sanding equipment, the Environmental Choice System contains no toxic fumes, dries within three hours, and cures within three days.

BonaKemi USA

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Hello, Mr. Sunshine!

New line of decorative millwork for commercial and multifamily residential applications includes Mr. Sunshine—a urethane accent piece that depicts the happy faced sun surrounded by swirling rays of sunlight. The one-piece detail is available in sizes 20×20 inches and 36×36 inches.


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Capped Savings

Energy Star-qualified cap sheet comes with a bright-white, factory-installed elastomeric coating that can reduce labor costs by up to 25%. The EnergyCap exceeds reflectivity and emissivity requirements of the Cool Roof Rating Council, and is available for built-up (hot-mopped), styrene butadiene styrene (hot-mopped, cold-applied, or heat-welded), and atactic polypylene (torch) applications.

GAF Materials Corp.

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Door Closers

New line of door closers is ANSI/BHMA certified and offers a lifetime warranty. Hager's 5100, 5200, and 5300 series closers come packaged for mounting three ways—regular arm, top jamb, and parallel arm—and include thru-bolts at no extra charge. Available in four painted finishes: aluminum, gold, bronze, dark bronze.

Hager Cos.

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