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Automatic sliding door system is ideal for retail storefronts, commercial entryways and healthcare settings. The ESA automatic sliding door system has a 4-in.-wide header designed to blend with industry-standard storefront profiles and is strong enough for free-span openings up to 16 feet in width.

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At Eola Park Centre in Orlando, Fla., entryways were modernized with specified glass insets. The doors were created with a "kit of parts," which allowed specifiers to choose stile and rail configuration and materials. A sandstone stainless-steel finish in a pattern titled Random is used on its metal stile and rail doors to match the exterior.

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Fire up

Rolling counter fire doors with integral frame units are factory welded and fully assembled for a seamless, custom built-in look. With a slip-on style, the units can slide in and fasten into existing wall openings. Options include stainless-steel sill, a plastic laminate sill or no sill at all. Smoke gasketing is also available.

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Durable doors

The entrances of the Alltel Arena in Little Rock, Ark., have manual swinging doors, which are offered in narrow, medium or wide stiles, thermal or nonthermal and single or double acting configurations. The D300 has a tie-rod knock-down package available with the features and strength of a welded door.

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Refit for ADA

Ten- and 12-in. stacked bottom rail modification products help bring existing stock doors up to ADA specifications. The P1789 (10-in.) and the P1787 (12 in.) kits both modify entryways with less cost than replacing the doors completely.

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Bullet resistance

Doors and panels of bullet-resistant fiberglass are faced with foreign and domestic wood veneers, high-pressure laminates and medium-density overlay for paint finishes to allow the appearance of quality wood. Frames are not veneered. Glazing is available in doors up to one of four ballistics ratings for everything from a .357 Magnum to a high-powered rifle. All four ratings are eligible for a 20-minute fire label.

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Knock on wood

Solid hardwood roll-up doors provide overhead coiled dividers for the design professional. Available in oak, birch, maple, cherry and mahogany, each door is custom-fit. Doors are available in widths to 12 feet and heights to 8 feet with manual, crank or motor operation.

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Terminal doors

The Baltimore/Washington International Airport used stainless-steel doors and frames, with a mirror storefront-type entry system for its domestic terminals. Airport regulations required that all hardware be built into the door, so the metal was bent to achieve a .02 radius. Seams, including glass moldings, were sealed.

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Fire safety

Full-lite, fire-rated doors with wireless glazing provide fire protection and high impact safety ratings of 20 to 90 minutes. Sidelites, transoms and windows are also available with complementary ratings. The doors include ball-bearing pivot hinges, surface-mounted or concealed closers, single mortise locks and panic hardware as well.

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Value full

Custom-designed door and window products for multifamily housing and hotel applications carry an AAMA certified commercial rating. The Valu line includes doors manufactured in aluminum, vinyl and composite materials.

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Look it up

Guide to high-speed doors provides information on how to choose the right door for specific applications as well as provides answers on door speed, maintenance, controllers and safety. The Authoritative Guide to High-Speed Doors details the difference between rolling and folding doors, the benefits of high-speed operation in saving energy and maintenance dollars, and offers a look at the features and specifications of the most popular models in the high-speed door marketplace.

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High-rise finish

Prefinished steel door frames, which meet high-rise residential codes, retain a 90-minute positive pressure approved fire rating and can be readily attached to your choice of wood trim. The 18-gauge steel frames are stronger and less costly than 18 gauge hollow metal frames. A sustained tension clip system holds the trim securely to the wall, creating tight miters. An anchoring system makes the frame as strong as the wall.

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Knockout door

To eliminate chronic dock door damage and downtime, the TKO door offers competitive designs to doorways with low headroom. The design overcomes the challenge of guiding the door along the ceiling by providing a double groove radius and horizontal track. A trolley system located above the door transmits lifting and lowering power, either with manual chain hoist or push button actuated operator.

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Slide over

Door system answers the need for both shielding and special access door requirements in health-care environments. Available in single and double door versions, the pneumatically sealed system features a flat threshold for smooth patient transport. The sliding shielded door system is styled for openings where there is limited room for a swinging door system.

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Check the acoustics

Suitable for broadcast and recording studios, post-production houses, music rehearsal and practice facilities, steel acoustical doors feature a continuous cam-lift hinge that provides an uninterrupted gasket seal and eliminates potential pinch points. The door's isolated crimp construction incorporates a neoprene gasket between door faces to minimize sound transmission. Options are narrow or large window or solid leaf.

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Grand entrance

Entry doors fight air and water infiltration. Door and sidelight jambs sit on top of the sill to protect the jambs from absorbing water. The sill incorporates a wood thermal break on the room side of the door and a solid oak threshold that can be adjusted up or down to allow for settling. The line includes flush and embossed panel doors without glass, service doors and fire doors with a 90-minute fire-rated steel panel and frame system.

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Durable door resists wind

Designed for interior or exterior applications with heavy traffic and engineered to withstand high negative pressure or wind, the Fast-Seal door features a counterbalance design that separates counterbalance and fabric tensioning, eliminating stress and strain on the motor. Upon impact, the breakaway bottom bar can be reset, without tools, in minutes. The self-diagnostic digital door controller has preprogrammed menu options.

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Floor power

Industrial floor doors are designed to withstand today's higher loads and harsher environments. For structural reinforcement, the door frames are extruded aluminum angle shape made specifically for floor doors. To counter harsh conditions, all hinges, hardware and fasteners are made from stainless steel to minimize corrosion.

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Widening scope

The Continental line of molded interior doors includes an increased selection of door widths. Continental doors are available in sizes from 1 foot wide to 3 feet wide. Wide-stile ADA-compliant commercial doors are in widths of 63/4 feet and 7 feet. Composed of 1/8-in. medium-density fiberboard, they are available with several core and frame options.

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Industrial strength

Custom high-speed doors are designed for interior and exterior applications in a range of industries, including general manufacturing, warehousing, supermarkets, food processing with freezer applications and pharmaceutical with pressurized room needs. Opening and closing at 48 inches per second, the door has an automatic reinsertion system that allows the curtain to reinsert after impact. Other features are a soft-bottom edge for maximum safety and vision panels capable of providing full width visibility. The doors can handle winds up to 110 mph and are capable of operating at -22 F to 185 F. They are available in sizes from 1 square foot to more than 3,000 square feet.

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