Color in the round

June 02, 2007 |

How do you add drama to a project that is already the world's largest? Color Kinetics was faced with that issue when lighting the Globen Arena, the world's largest spherical building, located in Stockholm, Sweden. At more than 300 feet in diameter and 280 feet high, the arena has proven to be a lighting challenge since it opened in 1989. It was difficult to find a light source that could effectively illuminate the structure, while still managing to survive the frigid winter extremes of Scandanavia. Last year, Color Kinetics switched the Globen's lighting system to one based on LEDs, in particular, the ColorBlast 12 Powercore fixture. Rugged and powered by a single, convenient cable line, the fixtures are capable of saturating the entire sphere in bright, bold colors. In total, 670 LED fixtures were used, mounted to specially designed support beams that encircle the building, providing direction light sources to all sides. Unlike conventional lights, the ColorBlast 12 Powercore fixtures can be programmed to change color instantly and simultaneously, without relying on cumbersome colored gels.

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