Carpet and resilient flooring

April 01, 2002 |

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Commercial carpet features a leaf motif with a subtle organic texture, giving the carpet a versatile appearance. It is constructed of 100 percent Lumena yarn in a bold 16-color palette geared primarily for the healthcare market but suitable for other commercial interiors. Botanica's dense texture and intricate pattern are ideal for high-traffic spaces where wear and spillage are most visible. The carpet is available in roll goods and tile.

C&A Floorcoverings.

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Down to earth

Vinyl-composite heterogeneous sheet product offers the earthly visual appeal of cork and newborn skin, making it best for health-care, school, restaurant and office applications. Composed of one-third recycled materials, LonEco emits half as many undesirable emissions as other resilient flooring, outperforming other floors in U.S. government tests for indoor air quality and manufacturing resource/fuel conservation, while also maintaining a lower lifecycle cost.


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Entry protector

Modular carpet designed specifically for entryways is 18 inches square. FirstStep is a 38-ounce face weight performance textured-loop pile carpet designed to protect facilities against excess dirt and moisture, while also providing a safe, nonslip surface in high moisture areas. It is engineered with heavy "scraper" yarn that provides for ideal soil removal and collection. Each square yard of the product holds up to 5.6 pounds of sand, which is 2.4 times its normal weight. Additionally, it removes and absorbs up to 7.3 pounds of water per square yard, or 3.07 times its normal weight. The carpet can reduce the amount of soil and moisture entering a facility by up to 91 percent. FirstStep has a Class 1 fire rating, a key aspect when specifying carpet for retail and other public entryways, and is available in seven colors.


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Recaptured use

Recycled nylon 6,6 carpet fiber utilizes post-industrial fiber and polymer products before they enter the waste stream, recycled into premium, branded nylon. Ultron Renew is offered in more than 30 solution-dyed colors and provides additional color options in staple fibers designed for specific styling options.


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Jungle gym dandy

Tiles with a polymeric wear surface have a time-tested 2 ft.-by-2 ft. standard line, offering durability, safety and applicability for playground use. The surface permanently molds a protective and high-density layer to standard tile. The PlayGround Ultra features a film surface suitable for wheelchairs and mobility aids, and is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Best for playground, fitness, recreational and commercial uses.

CSSI Resilient Surfacing Products.

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Premiere patterns

Patterns are solution-dyed nylon that utilize blended multicolor yarn for special effects and function. There are 25 premiere patterns ranging from extremely small to very large scale, created from 127 selections of 75 solid color yarns plus 52 two-tone barber-pole twisted yarn colors. The Color Separations line offers a custom program to coordinate the carpet color with any room. The carpet retains its appearance even in heavy-traffic/soiling areas. Best for senior housing, hospitality and corporate interiors.


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Wearable walkway

Carpet has stain resistance and anti-static properties that allow easy maintenance. A special thermoplastic material is spun into fibers and yarns that are durable, inherently stain-resistant and easy-to-clean. The result is Corterra fibers. With nylon-like wear performance, the carpet doesn't need chemical stain treatments. Stains can be removed with hot water and are dry in a few hours. The carpet is best suited for multifamily housing and office buildings.

Shaw Industries, Inc.

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Authentic reproduction

Vinyl tile is developed from authentic reproductions of wood, stone and metal, offering the real look and texture of these materials without the problems associated with them, such as scratching, cracking and rotting. Due to its factory-applied polyurethane treatment, Expona can be maintained in the same way as other vinyl floors and does not require polish or wax. It is constructed with a 27 mil wear layer and has a non-beveled edge, which helps prevent dirt or bacteria from getting trapped, ensuring easier maintenance and providing a more authentic looking product. It is manufactured according to ISO 14001 environmental management standards and costs less per square foot than its competitors.

Bonar Floors.

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Linoleum lining

Linoleum flooring features a collection of contrasting black, white and gray visuals that add a modern, graphic look to commercial interiors. Granette is offered in four neutral colors including white, grey, black/white and anthracite. While it can be used in a variety of different spaces, it is best suited for retail, hospitality and entertainment venues. The floor has a gauge of 2.5 mm and is made of linseed oil, wood fibers, ground limestone and a jute fabric for backing, all raw materials that are renewable and have a positive impact on the environment.


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