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New Roofing Products and Technologies

New Roofing Products and Technologies

August 11, 2010
This article first appeared in the 200712 issue of BD+C.

Roof board meets stiffened FM standards

In 2006, Factory Mutual made significant changes to its testing standards for wind uplift resistance in adhered membrane roofing systems. The changes require higher standards for wind uplift resistance ratings for FM-insured buildings in high-risk areas, such as coastal regions. In tests, roof systems using Georgia-Pacific's DensDeck Prime in fully adhered membrane assemblies over steel decks have met or surpassed the 2006 FM requirements for perimeters and corners, not only for the 90 psf rating commonly used in coastal areas, but also for the more stringent 120 psf rating.


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Pre-planted modular green roof

With LiveRoof there's no need to spend years cultivating a green roof. Each vegetated roof module comes with full-grown plants inside the container. Simply set the 1x2-foot modules tightly in place within the manufacturer's recommended edge treatments and water thoroughly to settle any loose soil. The modules are constructed of 100% post-industrial recycled polypropylene and feature sturdy, 100-mil-thick walls.

LiveRoof LLC

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Underlayment is light and durable

Lightweight roofing underlayment offers improved tear resistance and water hold-out when compared to traditional roofing felts. DuPont's RoofLiner with Elvaloy also provides up to six months of UV protection, and can be used with a variety of roof systems, including asphalt shingles, clay, fiber cement or metal tiles, standing-seam, and corrugated metal. One roll of RoofLiner replaces five rolls of 30-pound roofing felt, and is five times lighter.


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High-performance waterproofing membrane

Waterproofing membrane is now available in a 61/2-foot-wide, self-adhered format, increasing installation productivity for waterproofing contractors. Ideal for plaza deck and green roof installations, Sarnafil G476 membrane is a 120-mil-thick composite sheet composed of a 60-mil vinyl waterproofing membrane and a 60-mil non-permeable closed-cell foam backing layer coated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive. The flexible foam backing layer conforms around minor irregularities in the substrate and provides a cushion for the waterproofing membrane. The pressure-sensitive adhesive provides a tenacious bond between the membrane composite and substrate to mitigate potential water migration under the sheet. Sarnafil G476 SA seams are hot-air welded, resulting in a high-strength, watertight closure.

Sika Sarnafil

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EPDM roof system good for 25 years

Firestone's RubberGard is the industry's first mechanically attached system that can be warranted for 25 years, according to the maker. The system is attached under the EPDM membrane so fasteners do not penetrate the membrane itself, therefore minimizing the risk of leaks and providing uninterrupted weatherable thickness.

Firestone Building Products

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