iLight Plexineon LED

September 01, 2006 |

The Plexineon product line uses LED technology to create a bright, even glow across the luminaire, which is encapsulated with a solid plastic waveguide. The product comes in varying lengths and can be ordered from the factory in straight, bent, or curved shapes; Plexineon can also be cold bent in the field. Offered in seven colors and three Kelvin color temperatures, ranging from warm to cool white, the low-voltage, dimmable luminaires can be used for interior and exterior applications, and they stay cool to the touch.

Altman recently specified warm white (3500K) Plexineon products for the 1,470-sf Diplomat Room at the Washington Plaza Hotel. She used the products in shallow coves along 50-foot serpentine curves to create a slight glow on the ceiling. Altman also used Plexineon to highlight the specialty tile finish on the room's central column and to accentuate the bar area by creating a glow underneath its front counter edge.

Why Emlyn Altman specifies iLight Plexineon luminaires:

“The iLight Plexineon luminaire series is hardy, energy efficient, and flexible—both literally and figuratively. Its small profile—only a half-inch wide and 1½ inches long—fits well in tight situations, such as shallow coves or millwork details. We've used warm white Plexineon for applications in decorative niches and task lighting, and colored Plexineon in skylights and to light underneath bar countertops.”

“Since Plexineon is an LED-based luminaire, we're able to locate air supply linear diffusers above the fixtures in shallow coves without the risk of impacting the lamp's illumination output. This is difficult to accomplish with fluorescent light coves, since fluorescent luminaires are directly affected by cold air passing over the lamps and require a much higher cove depth.”

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