Green roof incentives part of newly introduced 'clean energy stimulus' bill

February 01, 2009 |

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, a non-profit industry association, is proud to announce that Washington State Senator Maria Cantwell introduced the Clean Energy Stimulus and Investment Assurance Act of 2009 (S.320) legislation this week, and it contains financial incentives for commercial and residential green roof installation. Green Roofs for Healthy Cities worked to draft the section of the bill focused on the green roof incentive in co-operation with the ASLA.

If enacted, this bill will deliver an enormous number of green collar jobs for manufacturers, nurseries, designers, installation and maintenance professionals, while simultaneously saving energy, improving stormwater management, cooling cities, cleansing the air and beautifying our rooftops.

Under section 506 of the bill, residential and commercial property owners will receive a 30% tax credit for qualified green roof expenditures. The tax credit applies to both new and retrofit projects.

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