Duro-Last provides solution for Kentucky elementary school's leaky roof

March 23, 2017

Contractor: JBK Roofing

Project: Lynn Camp Elementary School

Location: Corbin, Kentucky

Square Feet: 119,000

Products: Duro-Fleece®, Duro-Tuff® and Duro-Last® membranes; Vinyl Ribs; Duro-Guard® EPS Flute Fill Combo insulation; Duro-Guard ISO HD insulation, Duro-Guard DensDeck® cover boards, EXCEPTIONAL® Metals accessories and edge details, Duro-Grip® CR-20 adhesive; Duro-Caulk® Advanced



When roof leaks were starting to interfere with the daily activities of Lynn Camp Elementary School in Corbin, Kentucky, administrators knew it was time for a new roof.

“We had a situation in a lot of the rooms where tiles were molding because of the roof leaks,” said Anthony Pennington, Principal of Lynn Camp Schools. “It was becoming a constant distraction for not only our students but our teachers and their learning process.”

The existing standing seam metal section of the roof was a daunting task at more than 78,000 square feet, but its design and blue color was a look the school was hoping to maintain. However, the projected timeline to complete a metal roof of this size would be 9-12 months, well outside the school’s needs.

Time was of the essence for this project and when JBK Roofing presented a metal retrofit option using the Duro-Last Vinyl Rib system, school administrators knew they had found the right solution.

The assembly used for this project was Duro-Guard EPS Flute Fill Combo as the base, and then Duro-Guard ISO HD and DensDeck® cover boards. Duro-Fleece 50 mil membrane was adhered with Duro-Grip CR-20 adhesive and, lastly, the Vinyl Ribs were heat welded to the adhered membrane.

Being such a large roof, more than 52,000 liner feet of Vinyl Rib was used.

“This is by far the largest and most intense Vinyl Rib project we’ve done,” said Brandon Keck, President of JBK Roofing. “Even so, the Duro-Last system was extremely fast-paced and allowed us to fit in the school’s schedule, taking only 90 days to complete.”

The bright blue color of the Duro-Fleece membrane also gave the school the aesthetic look they wanted. “We wanted something cutting edge, we wanted something that would last a long time and would look amazing for our school,” Pennington said.