Diversity key to booming business

July 01, 2001 |

The buildings market boomed in 2000, especially in publicly funded educational, health-care and correctional facilities development in the United States. Europe also saw a surge in both government and commercial building investments. Jacobs Engineering Group was one of many E/A companies that continues to make inroads into international business to benefit from the strong building market.

The firm, which in 2000 completed the first phase of an acquisition of the engineering and contracting business of Stork NV, the Netherlands, saw a more than 30 percent increase in billings compared with 1999, double the expectations of company executives, who have said they intend the business to grow 15 percent every year. More than 16 percent of revenues came from international work.

Warren Dean, group vice president - facilities, says the firm expects to accomplish this goal by offering tailored services in growth markets - such as educational and criminal justice facilities - while providing clients with as complete service as possible in the long term, integrating planning, consulting, architecture, engineering, construction and operations and maintenance. Relationships that begin with a single service will be developed into a diversified services mix. 'We derive at least 75 to 80 percent of our business from a few core clients,' says Dean, noting, 'We want to add at least two to three core clients a year.'

Dean admits that building relationships has been at the heart of the company's philosophy for years. 'That's a cornerstone, one of our core values. One thing that is very important is it's not a corporate-to-corporate relationship so much as it is a people-to-people relationship,' says Dean.

For Jacobs, that means an emphasis on helping its 18,800 employees achieve personal and professional growth in a collaborative environment as well. 'We really concentrate on leadership and grooming our people,' Dean says. 'A company like ours could be susceptible to 'stovepipe' operations, but we can't afford to operate like that. The world doesn't allow barriers and stovepipes.'

1 (1) $956.89 URS Corp.

100 California St., Suite 500 San Francisco, CA 94111-4529

(415) 774-2700 www.urscorp.com
In 2000, international projects made up 10 percent of its revenue. Projects ranged from a $1 billion renovation of Cincinnati Public Schools, with an expected completion date of 2010, to the historic renovation of the William Oxley Library at Ohio State University. In the past year, the company made significant progress in integrating the operations of Dames & Moore Group, which it acquired in 1999. Martin Koffel, CEO; Kent Ainsworth, CFO .
2 (2) $523.98 Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.

1111 S. Arroyo Parkway Pasadena, CA 91105

(628) 578-3500 www.jacobs.com
Led by a surge in the development of publicly funded educational, health-care and correctional facilities development in the United States and by an increase in government and commercial building investments in Europe, the company increased its buildings work by more than 30 percent in 2000 (See 'Diversity key to booming business,' above). Noel Watson, Pres., CEO; Warren Dean, VP.
3 (-) $264.14 Day & Zimmermann International Inc. 1818 Market St.

Philadelphia, PA 19103

(215) 299-8000

Nearly 4,000 people work for the privately held E/A/C/CM and specialty contractor, which ranked second in the Engineer category in 2000 but reports it employs 18 architects as well as 333 engineers. The company specializes in engineering manufacturing facilities in the specialty chemical and biopharmacology industries and garnered 2.4 percent of its revenues from industrial buildings last year. Randy S. Swartz, Pres., CEO; Evan B. Weiss, VP; Jay Alexander, COO .
4 (3) $204.70 Lockwood Greene

P.O. Box 491,

1500 International Drive

Spartanburg, SC 29304

(864) 578-2000

Industrial buildings made up 62 percent of 2000 billings for design for this 3,400-person firm, which in the past year internally acquired construction capability from a sister company. Parent firm is J.A. Jones of Charlotte, N.C., which works as a contractor and construction manager. Projects outside the United States accounted for 21 percent of the company's billings. Fred M. Brune, Pres., CEO .
5 (6) $102.71 Carter & Burgess Inc.

777 Main St.

Fort Worth, TX 76107

(817) 735-6000

In the past year, the company acquired ASC Services Co. LLC, which included ASC's Chicago headquarters and its offices in Cleveland, Indianapolis, Detroit and Columbus, Ohio. Consequently, it expects revenues to be up 40 percent in 2001. A major project is program management of the $1.2 billion American Airlines JFK terminal redevelopment in New York City. Jerry W. Allen, Chmn., Pres., CEO; Russell A. Karr. VP.
6 (5) $79.55 Burns & McDonnell

9400 Ward Parkway

Kansas City, MO 64114

(816) 333-9400

The bulk of this design/builder, construction manager and E/A firm's makes up the bulk of its work was in power, water and waste-treatment plants, but 37 percent of its 2000 revenues of $635 million were derived from CII work. Growth was strong, especially in the aviation and power markets. Dave G. Ruf Jr., Chmn., CEO; Donald F. Greenwood, VP .
7 (11) $64.38 Arcadis Giffels LLC

25200 Telegraph Rd., P.O. Box 5025

Southfield, MI 48086

(248) 936-8000

Owned by the Netherlands firm Arcadis NV and a subsidiary of Highlands Ranch, Colo.-based Arcadis G&M, Arcadis Giffels provides master planning, site selection, programming, interior design, space planning, graphics and signage design capability. Eighty percent of its current projects, many of which are manufacturing plants, are for repeat clients. Rich Ragan, EVP, COO; Richard A. Bither, EVP.
8 (9) $58.63 Atkins Benham Inc.

9400 N. Broadway

Oklahoma City, OK 73114-7401 (405) 478-5353 www.atkinsbenham.com
The former Benham Group became Atkins Benham in 2000 with W.S. Atkins, based in the United Kingdom, as the parent firm. Marketing emphasis for the 812-member firm is on highly specialized research and manufacturing facilities. Among current projects is the $120 million expansion and modernization of the Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City, Okla., and the 274,500-sq.-ft. U.S. Pacific Command Headquarters in Hawaii. Bill Allison, CEO; Ian Purser, COO .
9 (8) $57.89 SSOE Inc.

1001 Madison Ave.

Toledo, OH 43624

(419) 255-3830

Among major projects are a $45 million, 500,000-sq.-ft. engine machine and production plant for Nissan North America Inc. in Decherd, Tenn., and a 2 million-sq.-ft., $130 million assembly plant expansion for Toyota in Princeton, Ind. Key marketsfor its A/E services are automotive, chemical, commercial, education, food manufacturing, personal care, pharmaceutical and retail. Gary L. McCreery, CEO; Tony Damon, VP.
10 (16) $48.69 The Thornton-Tomasetti Group Inc. 641 Avenue of the Americas

New York, NY 10011

(212) 741-1300 www.theTTgroup.com
This 425-person E/A emphasizes its structural engineering for special projects such as high-rise and mixed-use facilities, arenas, long-span structures and convention centers as well as its complete E/A services. In the past year, it established offices in Washington, D.C.; Philadelphia, Pa.; and Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Charles H. Thornton, Chmn.; Richard L. Tomasetti, Pres.
11 (13) $46.51 Sear-Brown

85 Metro Park

Rochester, NY 14623

(716) 475-1440 www.searbrown.com
Sear-Brown was the regional architect of record for CVS Stores/Pharmacy throughout the Northeast, and is actively at work renovating and building new churches for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints throughout the United States and Canada. It recently acquired Callemyn-Parker Inc., a 30-person engineering and land-surveying firm with offices in North Carolina. Michael A. Triassi, Chmn., CEO; Bradley J. Harmson, Pres.
12 (-) $44.18 The Austin Co.

6095 Parkland Blvd. Cleveland, OH 44124

(440) 544-2600 www.theaustin.com
Current major design/build projects for this 982-member firm include a $70 million office campus for Motorola Inc. in Schaumburg, Ill., and a $38 million newspaper production facility for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Fifteen percent of the company's $498 million in revenues for calendar year 2000 were for international projects. In previous years, the firm has been ranked only as a contractor. J. William Melsop, Pres., CEO; Patrick B. Flanagan, EVP, COO .
13 (10) $43.01 Ghafari Associates LLC 17101 Michigan Ave. Dearborn, MI 48126-2736 (313) 441-3000 www.ghafari.com In 2000, Ghafari Associates was restructured into a limited liability corporation with senior executives and managers as partners. Kouhaila G. Hammer became the new president in October. Among recent projects are an expansion to the Romeo Engine Plant in Romeo, Mich., and the design of a large-format theater, also in Michigan. Kouhaila G. Hammer, Pres., CEO; Patrick J. Smithbauer, VP/Ptnr .
14 (-) $42.96 PBS&J Inc.

2001 N.W. 107th Ave. Miami, FL 33172

(305) 592-7275 www.pbsj.com
Almost half of the work for this planning, design and construction firm is in reconstruction, while 3 percent of its $262.50 million revenues for the fiscal year ending September 2000 was for international work. The year 2000 marked the firm's 24th consecutive year of profitability, and it moved from the category of Engineer to Engineer/Architects for this listing as 3 percent of its billings were for architecture. H. Michael Dye, Chmn., CEO; John B. Zumwalt, Pres., COO.
15 (12) $40.50 The Dewberry Cos.

8401 Arlington Blvd. Fairfax, VA 22031

(703) 849-0100 www.dewberry.com
Major subsidiaries include Dewberry & Davis Inc., an A/E, planning and surveying firm; Dewberry Design Group Inc., an A/E as well as planner and interior design firm; Dewberry Technologies Inc., an information-technology consulting firm; M/E Tolk Inc.; and Goodkind & O'Dea Inc., a transportation, structural, civil and environmental engineering firm. Sidney O. Dewberry, Chmn.; Barry K. Dewberry, Vice Chmn.; John P. Fowler II, CEO .
16 (14) $38.88 Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates Inc.

330 Pfingsten Rd. Northbrook, IL 60062

(847) 272-7400 www.wje.com
During the past year, this firm composed of structural engineers, architects and materials scientists opened new offices in Boston, Mass., and New Haven, Conn. The firm's main focus is the investigation and design of repairs for deteriorated or distressed conditions in historic and contemporary buildings. William J. Nugent, Pres., CEO; Gary J. Klein, EVP .
17 (18) $34.56 Middough Consulting

1901 E. 13th St., No. 300 Cleveland, OH 44114-3599 (216) 367-6000 www.middough.com
In the past year, the company formed a relationship with Switzerland-based Agiplan Gruppe to facilitate its international capabilities, and derived 3 percent of its $85 million in revenues from projects outside the United States. Among current projects is a $100 million NASA relocation in Cleveland. Ronald R. Ledin, CEO, Pres.; George E. Hlavacs, EVP .
18 (-) $25.84 The Stanley Group

Stanley Building,

225 Iowa Ave.

Muscatine, IA 52761

(319) 264-6600 www.stanleygroup.com
Eleven percent of $71.1 million in 2000 revenues for the E/A/CM, new to the list this year, was derived from international projects, while 45 percent of billings were for CII projects. Major subsidiaries are Stanley Consultants Inc., which offers engineering and CM services; Stanley Environmental Inc., which offers air, water and waste management; and A/E/C/CM Stanley Design-Build Inc. G. Thomopulos, Pres.; Bennett Reischauer, SVP .
19 (25) $24.64 Teng & Associates Inc.

205 N. Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL 60601-5924 (312) 616-0000 www.teng.com
Restoration of the fire-damaged Pullman State Historic Site in Chicago and construction of telecommunications facilities in Illinois and Wisconsin are among current projects for this firm, which established new offices last year in Los Angeles; Denver; Milwaukee; and Springfield, Ill. Ivan J. Dvorak, Pres., CEO; Donna M. Floerchinger, SVP, CFO.
20 (21) $23.75 Hayes, Seay, Mattern & Mattern Inc.

P.O. Box 13446

Roanoke, VA 24034

(540) 857-3100 www.hsmm.com
Renovation of the Pentagon and providing the master plan for the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., are among recent projects for this multidisciplinary E/A firm. The company concentrates on marketing its efforts in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast, although selected niche markets, such as justice, water- resources management and communications, are national in scope. Cecil G. Doyle, Pres., CEO. Stephen P. Clinton, EVP, COO .
21 (-) $22.70 Stellar Group

2900 Hartley Rd. Jacksonville, FL 32257

(904) 260-2900 www.thestellargroup.com
With a staff of 25 engineers and 15 architects, the company emphasizes food-processing and distribution facilities. This past year it formed a new power and utilities division and garnered 10 percent of its $425.6 million in revenues for calendar year 2000 from international projects. Ronald H. Foster Sr., CEO/Chmn.; H. Bobby Cothren, Pres., COO .
22 (22) $22.32 Woolpert LLP

409 E. Monument Ave. Dayton, OH 45402-1261 (937) 461-5660 www.woolpert.com
Eight-five engineers and 14 architects make up this professional technology and engineering consulting firm that provides expertise in areas including facilities planning and design, site and civil design, transportation and water management. In the past year, the company has been placing more emphasis on design/build. Rex W. Cowden, COO; Lee R. Flischel, Chmn.
23 (19) $20.48 Merrick & Co.

2450 S. Peoria St.

Aurora, CO 80014

(303) 751-0741

Among CII work that composed 45 percent of its billings in 2000 were the $78 million U.S. Space Command design/build project at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado and the $3 million Consolidated Edison Center in Omaha. A key market sector is federal government facilities. Design/build is increasing as a project delivery method, and the firm is participating as an engineering lead as well as a contracting lead. Ralph W. Christie Jr., Pres., CEO; David Sprenkle, SVP.
24 (23) $20.03 Shive-Hattery Inc.

115 Third St., S.E.,

P.O. Box 1599

Cedar Rapids, IA 52406-1599

(319) 362-0313

Projects for this 311-person firm last year included providing engineering and construction-administration services for the $25 million RailTech Intermodal Rail Facility in Carbon Cliff, Ill.; and designing and engineering new Von Maur retail stores in the Midwest. The organization services industry, education, health-care, commercial, retail and government clients in 10 states. Thomas M. Hayde, Pres.; Dale E. Moore, VP .
25 (27) $19.07 STV Group Inc.

205 W. Welsh Drive Douglassville, PA 19518 (610) 385-8200 www.stvinc.com
Many of E/A/CM STV Group's building projects involve transportation, from the restoration of Hoboken Terminal and Yard Complex in Hoboken, N.J., to the replacement of three stations on Philadelphia's elevated line. The company also is working on the three-level, 185,000-sq.-ft. arena in Reading, Pa. In April, the company announced plans to sell the firm to its employees and go private. Dominick M. Servedio, Pres., CEO .
26 (39) $18.48 The Facility Group

2233 Lake Park Drive Smyrna, GA 30080

(770) 437-2700 www.facilitygroup.com
The passage of Georgia's House Bill 1079, which allows design/build as a delivery method for state government work, has opened up many new opportunities for this E/A/CM, which recently named a new president and COO. In the most recent fiscal year, 5.3 percent of the company's $252.31 million in revenues was for international projects. Fifty-three percent of its work is for distribution facilities. Robert L. Moultrie, Chmn., CEO; Nick Cawood, Pres., COO .
27 (20) $18.25 Paulus Sokolowski and Sartor Inc.

67A Mountain Blvd. Ext., P.O. Box 4039

Warren, NJ 07060

(732) 560-9700 www.psands.com
In 2000, the company became part of KeySpan Business Solutions. It offers architectural planning and design, interior design and facilities planning. Among current projects are a 383,000-sq.-ft. movie and television production studio in New York City, a pharmaceutical laboratory and plant in New Jersey and a $300 million, 5 million-sq.-ft. mixed-use regional shopping mall in New Jersey. William Paulus Jr., Pres; Michael M. Gennaro, COO.
28 (26) $17.22 Burgess & Niple Ltd.

5085 Reed Road

Columbus, OH 43220

(614) 459-2050 www.burgessniple.com
CII projects made up 31 percent of the company's $55.55 million in billings in 2000, with the majority of its work in highway and civil projects and municipal water and waste-treatment plants. A major project is laboratories, classrooms and offices for Ohio State University's 114,000-sq.-ft. Biology Research Laboratory, in Columbus, Ohio. In the past year, Terrence A. Sack replaced Owen B. March as president. Terrence A. Sack, Pres.; Francis C. Smith, Chmn.
29 (29) $15.37 L. Robert Kimball & Associates

615 W. Highland Ave. Ebensburg, PA 15931

(814) 472-7700 www.lrkimball.com
Nearly 500 people, including 68 professional staff members, work for this engineer/architect, which counts only 39 percent of its $39.40 million in 2000 billings as CII-related. Recent projects include the $6 million, 330,000-sq.-ft. Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis Center in Philadelphia and correctional and educational facilities in Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania. L. Robert Kimball, CEO; R. Jeffrey Kimball, Pres., COO.
30 (-) $15.24 Harza Engineering Co.

175 W. Jackson Blvd.,

19th Floor

Chicago, IL 60604-2814 (312) 831-3000 www.harza.com
While Harza Engineering says it is the No. 1 provider of hydropower services in the world and generated 43 percent of its $173.70 million in 2000 revenues from international projects, it obtained 11 percent of its E/A billings of $138.59 million from CII projects. This newcomer to Design/Construct 300 announced a pending merger with Pasadena, Calif.-based Montgomery Watson in October. Refaat A. Abdel-Malek, Pres., CEO; Frank M. Dickerson, CFO.
31(30) $15.21 Marathon Engineers/Architects/Planners Inc.

P.O. Box 8028

Appleton, WI 54913-8028

(920) 954-2000

32 (28) $15.00 Baker and Associates

410 Rouser Road

Coraopolis, PA 15008

(412) 269-6200

33 (32) $14.51 TSP Group Inc.

1110 N. West Ave.

Sioux Falls, SD 57104-1397

(605) 335-8448

34 (-) $13.41 BRPH Cos. Inc.

3275 Suntree Blvd.

Melbourne, FL 32940-7599

(321) 254-7666

35 (-) $12.10 Power Engineers Inc.

3940 Glenbrook Drive, P.O. Box 1066

Hailey, ID 83333

(208) 788-3456

36 (31) $11.78 Hixson Architecture Engineering Interiors

659 Van Meter St.

Cincinnati, OH 45202-1568

(513) 241-1230

37(-) $11.56 Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber Inc.

6090 E. Fulton

Ada, MT 49301

(616) 676-5991

38 (37) $10.79 BPLW Architects & Engineers Inc.

6200 Uptown Blvd. NE, Suite 400

Albuquerque, NM 87110

(505) 881-2759

39 (34) $10.47 Ross & Baruzzini Inc.

1300 Baur Blvd.

St. Louis, MO 63132

(314) 993-3330

40 (36) $10.10 George Butler Associates Inc.

9801 Renner Blvd.

Lenexa, KS 66219-9738

(913) 492-0400

41 (35) $9.94 BEI Associates Inc.

601 W. Fort St.

Detroit, MI 48226

(313) 963-2300

42 (42) $9.64 Clark Nexsen, Architecture & Engineering

6160 Kempsville Circle, Suite 200A

Norfolk, VA 23502

(757) 455-5800

43 (23) $8.93 Barge, Waggoner, Sumner & Cannon Inc.

162 3rd Ave. N.

Nashville, TN 37201

(615) 254-1500

44 (45) $8.84 Robert & Co.

96 Poplar St., N.W.

Atlanta, GA 30335

(404) 577-4000

45 (-) $7.84 H and M Co.

50 Security Drive

Jackson, TN 38305

(901) 664-6300

46 (44) $7.54 DiClemente Siegel Design Inc.

28105 Greenfield

Southfield, MI 48076

(248) 569-1430

47 (41) $6.90 Bucher, Willis & Ratliff Corp.

7920 Ward Parkway, Suite 100

Kansas City, MO 64114-2021

(816) 363-2696

48 (-) $6.84 Computerized Structural Design Inc.

8989 N. Port Washington Road

Milwaukee, WI 53217

(414) 351-5588

49 (40) $6.69 Allen & Hoshall

2430 Lake Park Drive

Memphis, TN 38122

(901) 820-0820

50 (48) $4.47 Wiley & Wilson Inc.

2310 Langhorne Rd.

Lynchburg, VA 24505

(804) 947-1901

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