Crisunid laminated frosted glass

June 01, 2005 |

Manufactured by Spanish glassmaker Cricursa, Crisunid is a translucent glass that provides improved acoustical and visual privacy over standard float glass, yet permits daylight to pass. The unit is composed of two lites of 1/8-in., low-iron glass bonded with a 0.03-in. polyvinyl butyral (PVB) frosted interlayer.

Crosby recently specified Crisunid for the Kansas City office of law firm Blackwell Sanders Peper Martin, where privacy was crucial for attorney offices, conference rooms, and phone rooms. Clerestory windows fitted with Crisunid glass top the interior walls of the perimeter offices, allowing 62% of daylight to enter the central office spaces.

Why Wesley Crosby likes Crisunid

"You can control the amount of translucency of the glass by specifying a different opacity for the interlayer. This allowed us to maximize daylight transmittance while maintaining visual privacy."

"We used low-iron glass because we wanted a white glass. The green tint inherent with standard float glass was not acceptable with our finish palette."

"It has sound transmission loss performance nearly equal to that of monolithic glass twice as thick."

"Laminated glass is easier to clean than standard frosted glass, which can collect dirt and grease on the frosted side."

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